Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving This April From Nervochaos, Beast Modulus, Epi-Demic, Moonlight Prophecy And Cry My Name

There are a handful of new independent heavy metal albums arriving in April that you will need to check out. First up, arriving April 7th is the latest studio album from the Brazilian metal band Nervochaos titled "Nyctophilia." Their new release is the seventh in the band's history and it features thirteen, new, extreme, aggressive black metal hymns to bang your head to. Highlights include the chugging rhythm of "Ritualistic," the energetic blast of "The Midnight Hunter" and the thunderous pounding of "Stained With Blood." To find out more about Narvochaos and their latest release "Nyctophilia," please visit their Facebook page at 

Also arriving April 7th is the new self-released EP from New York hardcore metal band Beast Modulus. Their new album titled "Being" features six, groove-based blasts of energy that should certainly get them the recognition they deserve on the metal circuit. Songs like the guitar-blazing attack of "Barnburner" and the grunge-like appeal of "Skeleton Key" showcase the hunger this band has for success. To find out more about Beast Modulus and their latest release "Being," please visit their Facebook page at

The following week, we get the return of Epi-Demic with their latest release "Malformed Conscience" on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Their new 11-song release will hit you like a ton of bricks as they come blasting out of the gate with the quick-hitting pace of "Rotting In Plain Sight." They pound the chorus of "Ruthless Ambition" into your skull, while "Hatred" quickens the pace even more as it almost spirals out of control. The album closes with the dark heavy metal groove of "Breaking Your Mind" and the tempo changes of "Mortal Kind." To find out more about Epi-Demic and their latest release "Malformed Conscience," please visit their Facebook page at 

Another April 14th release arrives from Moonlight Prophecy. Their new 3-song EP titled "Eternal Oblivion" showcases the band's progressive metal sound with only a taste at what they have to offer. Their latest release begins with the intense instrumental "Spellbound," which displays the amazing musicianship within the band. The vocal version of "Eternal Oblivion" seems to get cut short as you'd wish the song would continue on, but they finish with the powerfully, quick-hitting sounds of "Witch Hunt." To find out more about Moonlight Prophecy and their latest release "Eternal Oblivion," please visit

On April 21st we get the latest release titled "Reflections," from German hardcore metal band Cry My Name. Their new 10-song album begins with the machine-gun drumming of "Patience" and continues the onslaught with screaming vocals of "Changes" as the music will certainly get your adrenaline pumping. They've perfected their mainstream, hardcore sound with "Backbone" and "Castles," before finishing the new album with the addictive tones of "Relentless" and the frenzied build-up of "Awaking." To find out more about Cry My Name and their latest release "Reflections," please visit their Facebook page at

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