Wednesday, March 1, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Moving Units, Rick & The All Stars And Amanda Abizaid

The American dance/punk band Moving Units are paying tribute to their heroes, the English rock band Joy Division, with their latest release "Collision With Joy Division." Moving Units take ten of their favorite Joy Division songs and do their best to replicate the exact sound of the original. Beginning with "Disorder," Moving Units sound like the second coming of Joy Division, with a bit of a edgier sound to their music. Next they deliver their rendition of Joy Division's first hit single "Transmission" as you instantly feel transported back to the dance clubs of 1979. Moving Units become the fourth band to cover Joy Division's "Shadowplay" as the song still carries a timeless quality. Another Joy Division song that has been covered quite a lot is their 1980 single "Isolation" as the simple beat allows the other instruments to become the attraction. The new Moving Units release closes with one of Joy Division's most popular songs "Love Will Tear Us Apart" as Moving Units try to balance between the electronics of 1980 and the modern technology of today. Moving Units released "Collision With Joy Division" on February 17th and are currently on the road until mid-March. To find out more about their new release, please visit

It has been almost two years since Rick And The All-Stars released their last album "The Invisible Session" and they are returning with a brand new studio album titled "The Sighting." Just like "The Invisible Session," this new album was performed and captured entirely live in the studio (with only two minor overdubs). The new 8-song release begins with the slow moving beats of "Her Most Recent Missive," led by saxophonist Dan Naiman. They pick the tempo up with the light, airy sounds of "Como Altar Kuchu"and the jazz fusion of "The Sighting," which gets Rick's guitar work involved with subtle riffs of energy. The pounding of "Camp Ephilus" and the up-beat, smooth jazz backdrop of "Refolding And Creasing The Paper Bag," end the album with some exciting, musical genre-breaking sounds that will have you wishing for more from Rick And The All-Stars. To find out more about their new album "The Sighting," please visit

From California comes the new release from singer/songwriter Amanda Abizaid. Her new seven-song EP titled "Walking In Twos," is being released to help the non-profit organization Her new project will be released on March 3rd and features Hall of Fame artist Stephen Stills on the opening track "Walking In Twos." His guitar work on song is subtle, but striking as Amanda is joined by the children's choir for the song's chorus to give the song that extra shot of emotion. She continues with the gentle folk/rock delivery of "Lion's Den," before adding some electronics to the R&B sounds of "Release Me." Her short new release finishes with the uplifting acoustic strumming of the addictive fun of "One Love" and the electronica remix of the title song which gives it a more up-beat, pop tone. To find out more about Amanda Abizaid and her latest release "Walking In Twos," please visit

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