Thursday, March 30, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Metal Blade Artists Blood Divisions, Cut Up, Harlott & Trial

Heavy metal band Blood Divisions recently release their latest album titled "Cardinal One." It features six tracks and follows closely to the band's self-titled debut release. This heavy metal supergroup, led by Chris Jericho (Fozzy), David Austin (Nasty Savage) and Ed Aborn (Intersonic Cyber Symphony) features a rotating cast of characters that help flesh out this latest mix of cover songs and new material. The new release begins with the original tune "The Morgue" as Chris Jericho's vocals easily draw similarities to modern-day Rob Halford. The nine-minute progressive metal number has to make enough room for five different lead guitarists to have their time to shine. The instrumental "March Of The Machine Elves" showcases the amazing musicianship within the band with friends like Ken Andrews (Obituary), Todd Grubbs and Andy Wallace lending their talents. One of the cover songs that appear on this release is The Scorpions classic "Top Of The Bill," which allows Jericho to use his upper register, with screaming vocals. The other cover song is a spot-on rendition of UFO's "Hot 'n' Ready." The album finishes with the Nasty Savage original "No Sympathy," which Blood Divisions updates with it's extra jolt of heavy metal talent. To find out more about Blood Division and their latest release "Cardinal One," please visit their Facebook page at

While still considered newcomers to the death metal genre, Cut Up are returning to claim their throne as the top hardcore death metal band around. In 2015, the band released their Metal Blade Records debut titled "Forensic Nightmares," then quickly entered the studio to record their follow-up "Wherever They May Rot." They delivered their new album on March 24th, filled to the brim with aggressive, hard-hitting, grinding death metal anthems. Right from the opening notes of "From Ear To Ear," you get pounded with the onslaught of drums and guitars as Erik Rundqvist and Andreas Bjornson tag-team their attack on the vocals of "Behead The Dead." The crunching guitars of "Vermin Funeral" and the machine gun drumming of "Hatred Bound" are the perfect candidates to lead Cut Up to the top of the hardcore, death metal genre. To find out more about Cut Up and their latest release "Wherever They May Rot," please visit their Facebook page at

Australian thrash metal band Harlott are preparing to release their third studio album titled "Extinction" on April 7th. The new 12-song release begins with the high-powered, quick-paced title-song as Harlott looks to dominate you with their energy. They mix tempos for "First World Solutions" and "The Penitent," but never let up on their attack with the blistering speed of "No Past." They double the efforts on "Better Off Dead" as they look to make your head spin with the shear force of the band's sound. Harlott develop a progressive metal sound on the seven-plus minute epic "And Darkness Brings The Light," before finishing with the screams of "Parasite" and the classic thrash metal appeal of "Epitaph." To find out more about Harlott and their latest release "Extinction," please visit their Facebook page at

Swedish metal band Trial (swe) will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with the release of their third full-length studio album, "Motherless." There new 8-song release will continue the band's underground popularity as they deliver a complex sound with a progressive edge. Their new album begins with the epic feel of the title-song "Motherless," which leads into the tempo changes of "In Empyrean Labour." Guitars come out blazing for the energetic delivery of "Cold Comes The Night" as singer Linus Johansson lets his vocals soar. Their sound takes a more progressive feel with the six-plus minute, storied build-up of "Aligerous Architect," before closing with the experimental piece titled "Birth" and the nine-minute journey of "Embodiment." To find out more about Trial (swe) and their latest release "Motherless," please visit

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