Monday, March 27, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Myke Clements, Nick Nace, Frank Migliorelli & Brett Newski

Singer/songwriter Myke Clements was laid off from his day job late last year. For three months he was unsure what to do with his life, but the one thing that kept him sane was his music. The result of that time time of frustration and tension is heard on his new album "The Layover," which will be released on April 6th. The new ten song release begins with the up-tempo, call-to-arms rocker "The King Is Here" as this sets the stage for some of Myke's most meaningful tunes. The pop tones of "The Redwoods" and the punk-like energy of "Can't Stop Now," showcases his youthfulness as his music is very addictive. He slows down for the emotional ballad "Sting," then gets the energy flowing again in "Roots Run Deep, before finishing his new album with the simple, uplifting spirit that runs through "Going Home." To find out more about Myke Clements and his latest release "The Layover," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Nick Nace is preparing to release his new 5-song EP titled "Canadiana Americana." The album was recorded at The House of Miracles in Cambridge, ON and delivers a classic country/folk sound that transports you back to seventies when song's had stories that had a message. His new release begins with "Dead Ends" as Nick's voice has that deep, strong presence that demands your attention to every word. The stories continue with "The Pursuit Of Loneliness" as Nick's words are poetry amongst the backdrop of acoustic country. His new short release finishes with the guitar rumble of "Your Dad's Old Car" and the slow country blues of "The Gift OF Goodbye." To find out more about Nick Nace and his new release "Canadiana Americana," please visit his Facebook page at

From New York comes the latest release from Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers titled "Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs." They are a Roots/Americana band that injects elements of classic rock into their music to give it a pulse. Their new 10-song release begins with "When She's Walking By Your Side" as their sound has a nostalgic feel, like the early days of rock and roll. They deliver a flashback with the the swing of "It All Falls Down On Me" and "Baby Put A Dress On" as their sound follows the groundwork of days of AM radio rock. The album finishes with the west coast surf rock of "Wound Up Woman" and gentle, acoustic ballad "Former Femmes Fatales and Romeos." To find out more about Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers and their latest release "Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs," please visit

Singer/songwriter Brett Newski is preparing to release his new collection of songs titled "Brett Newski: Songs To Sink The American Dream." It features some of Newski's best writing that touch upon politics, the music industry and the state of the world today. Beginning with the up-tempo, acoustic strumming of "Dead To Me," his new 12-song release starts off with a bang, before continuing with the cowboy strumming of "Bro Country" as he displays his opinion on a number of topics. Then the tempo picks back up with the energetic garage rock of "I'm Paranoid" and the quick-hitting "Crusty Adventures," before he wraps things up with the folk storytelling of "Black Friday Totally Sucks" and a censored version of "Dead To Me." To find out more about Brett Newski and his latest release "Songs To Sink The American Dream," please visit

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