Tuesday, March 21, 2017

CD Review: New Progressive Rock From EchoTest, Light Freedom Revival, Dazed Marrow & Carptree

The progressive rock trio EchoTest are ready to release their third studio album titled "From Two Balconies." The new concept album features the work of world-renown bassists Julie Slick (Adrian Belew Power Trio, Crimson ProjeKct) and Marco Machera, along with their latest member Alessandro Inolti on drums. The new nine-song release begins with "Supercell" as the band deviate slightly for their mostly instrumental albums to a more mainstream rock sound as Marco handles most of vocal duties on the album. Not to worry their fans too much, their is still a strong progressive rock element as in the experimental atmosphere of "Confirmation Bias" and the exciting musical journey of "Beats In The Brain," featuring the exceptional guitar work of Tim Motzer. All of the elements come together for the seven-and-a-half minute sonic adventure of "The Plight," before wrapping up the new album with the mainstream ballad "Pity" (with vocals and piano by Claire Wadsworth) and the energetic, hard rock attack of "Radio Sayonara." To find out more about EchoTest and their latest release "From Two Balconies," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/slickmachera.

Canadian progressive rock band Light Freedom Revival are preparing to release their debut studio album titled "Eterniverse Deja Vu." Singer/songwriter John Vehadija assembled a cast of some of the best progressive rock musicians including Billy Sherwood (Yes), Oliver Wakeman (Yes), and Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band). The new 13-song release begins with the up-tempo, progressive-pop/rock of "New Lightspace Age" as the vocals are addictive, while the music is amazing. Light Freedom Revival deliver "An Idea Of Freedom" with a Sting-like presence to the rhythm, while "Dream Again" takes you on a mystical sonic journey with its slower tempo. Light Freedom Revival returns to the pop/rock tones of "Eternaiverse Deja Vu," before delivering the hard rock attack of "They Fit You In." The album finishes with the steady, progressive feel of "Starting Over," the keyboard-heavy sound of "Place Of Power" and the slow, bluesy ballad of "Enjoy The Now." To find out more about Light Freedom Revival and their latest release "Eterniverse Deja Vu," please visit lightfreedomrevival.com.

From South Korea comes the latest release from ambient, electronic instrumental artist Dazed Marrow. The new album titled "Gaeseki Dream Machine" features sixteen cuts of layered sonic soundscapes that will just make your mind drift. The music entices moods, like the eerie opening "Intro" or the exploratory "Venturing Into Etherea," while the lush, sweeping tones of "Insomnia Euphoria" with ease your worries. The nearly 9-minute richly textured melody of "Feel Better My Friend" takes you on a journey with its ambient layers of music. The sounds of "A Short One" and "Binary Brain" will keep you locked into the movements of the music as Dazed Marrow continues to expand your mind. The experimental "Glass Jar" shows that Dazed Marrow are not afraid to step outside the normal boundaries of music and create new melodies. The album wraps up with the subtle, thought-provoking hints of sound on "Daeseki Gream Machine" and the electronic groove of "Outro," remixed by JackCote. To find out more about the latest release "Gaeseki Dream Machine" from Dazed Marrow, please visit cleorecs.com.

From Sweden comes the latest release titled "Emerger" from progressive rock ensemble Carptree. It features the work of the symphonic rock duo Niclas Flinch and Carl Westholm with help from the No Future Orchestra. Their new 8-song release begins with the amazingly intense rock piece "The Fleeting Deep." It invokes the classic progressive music of Genesis and Yes with an edgier hard rock sound. They continue with the nearly nine-minute sonic adventure of "Between Extremes" which changes tempos and melodies a number of times throughout their performance of the song. They display a more ambient, mystical sound with the mellow tones of "The River," before the big hard rock sound of "Never To Return And Never To Leave." The album finishes with the acoustic build-up of "Porous" and the intense, remixed version of "Dwindle Into Greatness," which originally only appeared as a B-side. To find out more about Carptree and their latest release "Emerger," please visit carptree.com.

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