Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CD Review: New Rock/Metal Music From Emperors And Elephants, Nox Vorago, Death Therapy, The Grandfather & Goresoerd

First from Chicago comes the latest release from hard rockers Emperors And Elephants. The new album titled "Moth" will be released on March 17th through Pavement Entertainment and features a dozen tracks that were completed prior to the passing of founding member/guitarist Jeff Windisch. Windisch is heard all throughout the album as he delivers a stellar solo on the opening track "Hidden." The music combines elements of heavy metal with alternative grunge to give the music a darker tone as displayed on "Not Today" and "Poison." They sing about the dark part of "Chicago" in this addictive rock number, before picking the tempo up for the guitar frenzy of "Give Away The Sun." The album finishes with the powerful guitar riffs of "Trigger" and the out-of-place, acoustic delivery of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game." To find out more about Emperors And Elephants and their latest release "Moth," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/EmperorsandElephants.

Swedish death metal band Nox Vorago recently released their sophomore album titled "Al Chem" on February 24th. The album features seven new tracks that help develop the band's hardcore metal sound mixed with orchestration. Beginning with "Elena Tiamatu," the energy gets unleashed with the growling vocals and thunderous rhythms. Their sound is fleshed out by the use of keyboards as they look to keep a sense of mysticism within their music as they develop a more progressive metal delivery on seven-minute "Devourer Of Dreams." Nox Vorago find the perfect opportunities in "The Hissing Sound Of Ouroboros" to change tempos and make the synthesizers a vital part of their hardcore sound. The album closes with the evil screams of "Daughters Of The Sun" and the aggressive, energy-infused "At The Feet Of Ereshkigal." To find out more about Nox Vorago and their latest release "Al Chem," please visit noxvorago.com.

Industrial/electronic metal duo, Death Therapy recently released their debut album titled "The Storm Before The Calm." The band is the latest musical vision of Jason Widom (Becoming The Archtype), who describes Death Therapy as "capturing a mood and a bass groove and just experiment from there." They begin with the quieter, two-minute piano-based opener "Until Then," which leads into the intense metalcore appeal of "Self Mind Dead." Death Therapy bring together the aggressive screams of "The Lie" with the industrial metal buzz of "Prodigal." The heavy pounding of "Slow Dance (With Death)" gives the song a Rob Zombie-vibe, while "Everything Burns" combines elements of funk with nu-metal to make for a wildly, energetic experiment. The album closes with the two-part instrumental "The Belmont Family Curse," which feels like the soundtrack to an eighties horror film. To find out more about Death Therapy and their latest release "The Storm Before The Calm," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/deaththerapy.

Hardcore/metal band The Grandfather are releasing a trio of EPs this year. The releases with feature the concept of the journey of a man trying to find out who he really is. Each EP will be one chapter in the story, beginning March 3rd with "Absent." It feature five songs, beginning with the title-song as the slow pounding and guitar buzz lay the foundation for vocalist Dillon Schiel to scream out the lyrics. Bassist Cory Lanza calls this release their "heaviest and darkest" as the songs deal with depression and anxiety. The Grandfather pick up the energy with the aggressiveness of "Koresh" and the quick blast of "Chikatilo," before finishing their new short EP with the intense deathcore grind of "Shipman." To find out more about The Grandfather and their latest release "Absent," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/thegrandfatherband.

Finally from Estonia comes the latest album "Antikeha" from the heavy metal band Goresoerd. It is their fourth full-length release and the lyrics are sung in their native language of Estonian, but the sound of heavy metal is universal. The new album is made up of 9-tracks, beginning with the intense attack of "Pohjast" as the music pounds away your mind. The screaming vocals of "Neetud" and the speed of "Antikeha" will turn you into an instant fan, without understanding one single word of what is being sung. They deliver their most mainstream metal song with "Raamat" and then turn up the progressive metal sound of "Loikus," before closing the album with the aggressive growl of "Elajas." Goresoerd has some live dates lined-up in March and April. To find out more about their latest album "Antikeha," please visit goresoerd.com.

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