Saturday, March 11, 2017

CD Review: The Numero Music Label Collects The Creation For New "Action Painting" Box Set

The mid-sixties were a booming time for British rock bands, with the success of The Beatles, The Kinks and The Who. Every band had stars in their eyes, with many of them never hitting that perfect note for success, even though their music was as good as what was on the music charts. One such band that found local success, which never carried over to the U.S. was The Creation.

The Creation formed from the ashes of The Mark Four, who recorded four uncharting singles. For The Creation's first album, their management incorporated the help of producer Shel Talmy who worked with The Who, The Kinks and The Easybeats. The Creation's first single "Making Time," cracked the top 50 British singles chart. Their second single "Painter Man" cracked the top 40 in Britain and the top ten in Germany in 1966. The following year, The Creation released both singles in the U.S. without any chart success. After multiple line-up changes, including the departure of guitarist Eddie Phillips and singer Bob Garner and the return of Kenny Pickett, the band could not repeat the success of their first two singles and broke up in 1968.

The Creation did have an impact on many British bands, including The Sex Pistols, Paul Weller and Ride. Even Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin incorporated the use of a bow on his guitar, which was introduced by Eddie Phillips. To celebrate the band's 50th anniversary, the Numero Group record label collected The Creation's recordings between 1965-1968 for the band's definite career compilation. The new release titled "Action Painting" was released on March 17th as a two CD box set which contains 46-tracks housed in a CD sized hardcover case. The book features 80 full color pages that tell the history of the band and includes many rare photos, along with singles and album artwork.

The music has been remixed with many songs receiving their debut on CD. Disc one features 23 tracks, beginning with The Creations' most well-known hits "Making Time" and "Painter Man." All of the band's issued singles and B-sides are represented along with tracks from their only 1967 album "We are Paintermen." The second disc features the four issued singles as The Mark Four, along with 15 new stereo mixes of the Shel Talmy produced singles. The set closes with the backing tracks of their songs "Making Time" and "How Does It Feel To Feel," along with an instrumental jam and the full length version of their B-side "Sylvette."

Just as impressive as the collection of songs, is the hardbound book which contains new essays from music historians Dean Rudland and Alec Palao. Together they tell the tale of The Creation during the late-sixties and how close they were to becoming one of the iconic classic British rock bands of the sixties. To find out more about this new release from the Numero Group label, please visit

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