Saturday, April 1, 2017

CD Review: Electronic Musician Savant Takes On "The Black Room"

Norwegian musician Aleksander Vinter (Savant) has worked with a number of different electronica and hip-hop artists including Snoop-Dogg, DMX and Twistex. He released his first album under the moniker "Savant" in 2011 and now six years later, he will be releasing his first motion picture soundtrack for the erotic thriller movie, "The Black Room."

The movie has become one of the most anticipated horror movies of the year ahead of its April 28th release date and Savant delivers an equally compelling soundtrack.
The new 28-track release begins with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra delivering an intense version of "ELM Suite: Tarkus - From The Beginning - Tarkus (reprise)," before the mind of Savant takes over. The album includes a trio of pop songs, beginning with Lynn Anderson's 1970 hit "Rose Garden," that seems slightly odd among the dark, moody orchestration that Savant has applied to this soundtrack. Most of the tracks are small one or two minute snippets of music, until we reach the worldly tones of "Lebanese I" and the haunting keyboards of "Flashback." Then, we arrive at the perfect spot for Arthur Brown's classic Halloween hit "Fire," followed by the psychedelic rock of Brainticket's "Black Sand." The soundtrack finishes with the stirring strings of "There's Nobody Out There" and "The Black Womb," before the electronica finale of the "End Credits." To find out more about "The Black Room" movie and soundtrack, please visit

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