Thursday, April 20, 2017

CD Review: More Hardcore Music Arriving From U.S. Bands Enemy Mind And Easy Money

First up, from Pennsylvania comes the latest release "No Safe Place" from death metal band Enemy Mind. Their new 9-song release begins with the build-up instrumental of "The Ending," that guides you into the growls of "Giving Up" and the thunderous speed of "It Just Gets Worse." The Enemy Mind juggernaut rolls through with aggressive force as the "Word To God" and "The Weight Of Guilt" continue their attack on your senses. The short 30-minute album wraps up with the quick-pace of "Cross The Line" and the thrash-infused energy of "The Time That Passed." To find out more about Enemy Mind and their latest release "No Safe Place," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up is the latest release from Arizona's hardcore metal band, Easy Money. Their new album titled "Rules Of The Game," is split into two sides, combining for 8-songs clocking in at 23-minutes long. Side A begins with the guitar build-up of "The Score" as the music intensifies during each minute that passes. The screams of "Easy Target" and the swift hitting "Ricochet" will have your head spinning with it's intense rhythm. Side B begins with the blazing guitar intro "Easy Does It," which leads into the aggressive, hardcore delivery of "Predation." Their new release closes with the violent attack of "2nd Sight." To find out more about Easy Money and their latest release "Rules Of The Game," please visit their Facebook page at

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