Monday, April 3, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Jared Tyler, Jack Spann And Mark Duka

Music artist Jared Tyler is preparing to release his third solo album titled "Dirt On You Hands" on June 2nd. Tyler has worked alongside fellow iconic artists like Emmylou Harris, Merle Haggard and roots/rock band Wilco. He co-produced his new album with Dave Roe, who also plays on the album. The new 12-song release begins with the country/folk/Americana sound of "Death Of Me" as you get a care-free style of music that makes you just pause and take notice of. The down-home, feel-good music continues with the front-porch ballad "Dressed In White" as Tyler's vocals mirror that of Shawn Mullins. Jared Tyler gets a blues groove flowing through "Dirt On You Hands" and "Gwendolyn," before going full-out country with the classic knee-slapping rhythm of "Lucky I Am" lead by Tyler's great mandolin and Casey Driessen's violin. The album finishes with the mellow tone of "Norway" and the gentle, emotional tale, "Love Of You." To find out more about Jared Tyler and his latest release "Dirt On Your Hands," please visit

Keyboardist/singer Jack Spann has had an amazing last couple of years. Not only did he write and record his new album "Beautiful Man From Mars," but Spann was also invited to perform on David Bowie's final album "Blackstar" after being introduced to Bowie's producer Tony Visconti. His new 13-song release begins with his ode to David Bowie with his song "Beautiful Man From Mars." The wonderful harmonizing at the beginning of "Time" and the pop tones of "Songman" carries a carefree, fun vibe. Spann's piano on "Deep Inside" gives the song a grand appeal as he uses his Broadway experience to inject emotion into this rock-opera type number. It's tough to not enjoy the up-lifting sound of "I'm A Bird"," before closing with the keyboard solo "Jack Around" and the "Man From Mars Reprise," which showcases his inspiration from Bowie's "Life On Mars." To find out more about Jack Spann and his latest release "Beautiful Man From Mars," please visit

From New York comes singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Duda with his energetic debut album "Month Of Sundays." It will released on April 14th and features the rhythm section of Tommy Price and Kenny Aaronson (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) along with guitarist Jimi K. Bones (Blondie). Duda's new six-track album begins with the raw, punk-like energy of "Month Of Sundays" as he makes a great first impression with this up-tempo rocker. Punk guitar legend Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) and drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Blue Oyster Cult) lend a hand on the seventies, nostalgic punk feel of "Murder On Delancey," before diving into the sixties swing of "Standoff Love." The album closes with the aggressive tones of "Connection" and the energetic, punk-rock delivery of "Subway Song." To find out more about Mark Duda and his latest release "Month Of Sundays," please visit his Facebook page at

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