Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Frantic Chant, Buenos Diaz, The Flatliners, Braddock Station Garrison, The Korvids, The Dirty Nil

Scottish rock band Frantic Chant recently released their new album titled "The Glass Factory." The band packed their new album to the brim with new music, featuring 21 songs over the course of 75minutes of psychedelic rock. They begin with "A Descending Journey" as they combine elements of alternative grunge with spacey, sixties melodies to create another dimension of music. Their music will give you flashbacks during the swirling sounds of "Paisley Pie" and the experimental piece "Fiberglass Spiderlegs." The band goes "trippy" for the psychedelic soundscape of "Fac/Off," before a return back to reality for the up-tempo rock of "Swing To The Left." Frantic Chant take you on an epic journey in sound with the twelve-plus minute jam of "The Memory Song." They tell us the story of "Mushroom Jim & The Planet Of The Funky Apes," then follow the blueprint for sixties pop success with "Soft Flow." The album wraps up with the Pink Floydian feel of "Colour," the gentle folk/rock of "Kill Me Twice" and the carefree sixties closer "Join With The Band." To find out more about Frantic Chant and their latest release "The Glass Factory," please visit dgab.bandcamp.com.

Next from Austin, TX comes the full-length debut album from guitarist/songwriter Nick "Buenos" Diaz. His new 11-track album kicks off with the screeching guitar instrumental "Hem Haw," which leads into the tex-mex guitar shuffle of "1, 2, 3, 4." Diaz lets up on the pedal slightly for the blues of "Afternoon Novelas" and the Mexicali swing of "This Old Heart." He expands his guitar sound with the lo-fi fuzz work of "San Fransymphony," before finishing with the addictive classic seventies big guitar sound of "Move On" and the seven-minute musical journey of "Muneca." To find out more about Nick "Buenos" Diaz and his new self-titled release, please visit buenosdiazmusic.com.

Canadian punk band The Flatliners recently released their new full-length studio album titled "Inviting Light." It features a dozen tracks of youthful energy and raw guitar chords that will get your adrenaline flowing. Beginning with "Mammals," you easily get drawn in to their addictive, fun, upbeat sound. They keep the energy going with the screams and pounding rhythm of "Hang My Head." They slow down the tempo, but showcase their passion on "Unconditional Love," while the rawness of "Infinite Wisdom" gives off a Foo Fighters-type vibe. The album closes with the punk-like fury of "Wedding Speech" and the mainstream, alternative sounds of "No Roads." To find out more about The Flatliners and their latest release "Inviting Light," please visit theflatliners.com.

From Washington D.C. comes the return of Braddock Station Garrison with their new full-length album titled "Saint Stephanie And The Stones." It has been a few years since we last heard from Braddock Station Garrison and the release of their debut album "High Water," and with the help of a new drummer, this collection of new songs is sure to make you an instant fan. The new album begins with energetic and nostalgic pop/rock sound of "Mayday" as their music is easily accessible. Their sound gets a little heavier with the guitar buzz of "Popular Russians" and the wonderful alternative pop groove of "St Stephanie And The Stones." They deliver some beautiful songwriting with the acoustic folk/rock of "Pictures Of Lucy," before closing their new album with the guitar rock of "Hurry Up, Girl" and the energetic grunge-like delivery of "Fremont Street Blues." To find out more about Braddock Station Garrison and their latest release "St Stephanie And The Stones," please visit braddockstationgarrison.com.

Singer James Grant (frontman for Love And Money) has teamed up with producer Gordy Goudie (Echo & The Bunnymen) to form The Korvids. They will be releasing their new self-titled album on April 28th. The Korvids combine elements of soul, disco and pop to create a nostalgic time-trip to clubs of the seventies. Their new 10-song release begins with the beats of "Bad Faith" as Grant's vocals are surrounded by the perfect backdrop for his falsetto-style delivery. The eighties-pop aspect of "Tender Tyrannies" is hard to resist as the electronic beats, along with the soulful vocals deliver a smooth, up-tempo sound. Producer Gordy Goudie lets loose on the DJ-infused instrumental mix "Slouch," before the dance beats of "Beach Coma" take control of your mind and body. They finish their new album with the soulful dance/pop duet of "Are You Bored With Me Baby?" and the smooth jazz delivery of "Ursula My Love." To find out more about The Korvids and their new self-titled release, please visit kudosrecords.co.uk.

Finally, from Canada comes the latest compilation from the punk/rock band The Dirty Nil. Their new release titled "Minimum R&B" brings together 11-tracks from the band's back catalogue. The album is anchored by their new single "Caroline," which is has a raw, slow-swaying rhythm that allows the vocals to appear right up front as the guitars simmer in the background, waiting for their time to strike. Other highlights of this new release are the garage-rock, energy bursts of "Little Metal Baby Fist," "Guided By Vices" and "Beat." To find out more about The Dirty Nil and their latest release "Minimum R&B," please visit thedirtynil.bandcamp.com.

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