Friday, April 21, 2017

CD Review: New Music From A Little Bit More, Inward Of Eden, Two Cities One World & Blue Honey

Country roots duo, Reed Fields and Jill Hamlin have teamed up as A Little Bit More to release their debut album "Silhouettes." Both artists have musical backgrounds as Jill previously performed with J.T. Cure (Chris Stapleton) and Reed worked with the bands Flat Creek and Charlie Lyons Band.  Their new 13-song release begins with the outlaw sounds of "Get Up Crowd" as Reed's vocals rally the troops. When Jill takes the lead on the country ballad, "If Only For A Moment," you are instantly swept-up by the warmth of her vocals. The duo call "Beer Bottle" their "Garth Brooks song" as they follow Brooks' blueprint on this swinging tune. Their two voices harmonize beautifully during "The Last Time," while "Holdin'" has the perfect pop melody to capture the hearts of mainstream country radio. Their new album finishes with the up-beat rhythm of "I'm Not In The Picture," which carries a nostalgic, classic country sound and the love letter duet of "Save Me Tonight." To find out more about A Little Bit More and their new release "Silhouettes," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from Knoxville, TN comes the latest release titled "Mind Control" from rockers Inward Of Eden. It features the guitar blazing single "Slow Burn," which has the band delivering a mature, heavy blues/rock sound. Their new EP only features four songs as they look to capture your attention with the classic seventies rock vibe of "Devil" and the hard rock, marching rhythm of "Ghost Of Amelie." To find out more about Inward Of Eden and their latest release "Mind Control," please visit

The Bulgarian/American duo of Anna Yanova and Jared Cattoor, better known as Two Cities, One World recently released their new album "Let The Whole World Disappear." Their new 12-song release carries a very laid-back vibe as Anna's vocals are spectacular with the help of her multi-instrumentalist husband Jared on song like "Suga Daddy" and "Disappear." The music gets funky on "Honey Sweet Voice" as Anna's lets her soulful spirit soar on this slow number. Their worlds mesh together perfectly on the acoustic folk delivery of "She's A Beauty" and "Bird Song." To find out more about Two Cities, One World and their latest release "Let The Whole World Disappear," please visit their Facebook page at

Nashville husband and wife duo, Blue Honey recently released a short, 2-song EP. The smooth country sounds of "Angels Come Home" will not leave this duo a secret for much longer as their voices fit together perfectly. The music of "Hurts Just The Same" showcases the growth and maturity within the duo as they continue to evolve into a force in country music. Blue Honey are hitting the road with six shows in Tennessee beginning April 22nd. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their latest EP, please visit

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