Friday, April 7, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie Artists The Pinkerton Raid, Kristina Cottone And The Rivergods

From Durham, NC comes the latest release "Tolerance Ends, Love Begins" from Americana, folk/rock band The Pinkerton Raid. The band is sort of a family affair as singer/songwriter Jesse James DeConto has build his latest batch of songs around the guitar work of brother Steven and also includes sister Katie on vocals, giving their sound more depth. Their new 9-song release begins with the mellow tones of "Righteous Rain," which seems to have drawn its influence from the Velvet Underground as the poetic lyrics make you listen intently to the words. Katie gives the songs "Hollywood" and "Deeper The Skin" more accessibility that draws you in with her sweet vocals. The band mixes the dark lyrics of "Ghost In My Bed" with the song's up-tempo rhythm to create some exciting new Americana music. The album closes with the stark ballad "Colorado Eyes" and the most accessible song on the album, the mainstream alternative folk/rock of "Beach Access 33." To find out more about The Pinkerton Raid and their latest release "Tolerance Ends, Love Begins," please visit

From Chicago comes the debut EP from singer/songwriter Kristina Cottone. Her new release titled "Bow," features Kristina's jazzy, soulful vocals as they sink into your mind. She begins her new release with the mellow, laid-back strumming guitar of "Bad To Me," which allows Kristina to work in a little scat-singing. The energy picks up with the pop/rock of "BFF" and the sultry, R&B movement of "Boston Boy." Her new short EP closes with her strong, soulful vocals leading the way during the title-song "Bow." To find out more about Kristina Cottone and her latest release "Bow," please visit

Connecticut's own roots/Americana band, The Rivergods recently released their latest studio album titled "State Of The Union." The album is a celebration of the band's 20th anniversary and continues to feature the singing/songwriting duo of Ben and Nancy Parent. Their new 12-release begins with the up-beat folk/rock of "Jubilee" and the Americana-pop of "New Emperors," which is very addictive with its heart-warming melodies. They deliver a classic country sound with "It's Up To You," before diving into the waltz of "Churches." Nancy's vocals give extra emotion to the soothing ballad "Station Down The Line," before they bring up the southern rock groove of "Ratchet." They finish their new album with the memorable chorus of "Lost On You" and the six-plus minute jam of "State Of The Union." To find out more about The Rivergods and their latest release "State Of The Union," please visit

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