Monday, April 17, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Instrumental Guitarists Mark Barnwell & Strat Andriotis

There were a couple of instrumental albums that arrived last year from independent artists Mark Barnwell and Strat Andriotis. Both musicians have been climbing up the independent artist ladder with their latest releases. First up is Flamenco guitarist Mark Barnwell and his new album "Mandala." It features 10-tracks that capture the timeless tradition of World and Flamenco guitar. With the help of a dozen other artists, Barnwell showcases his talents on the Latin-flair of the album's opening track "Tierra del Fuego." He delivers the sweet shuffle of "Surco Latino," before displaying his heartfelt tones on the emotions of "Moonstone." The short, 2-minute "Sundance" is a beautiful piece of Flamenco guitar, while "Moroccan Skies" captures the essence and passion of Barnwell's songwriting as the musicians deliver a stunning piece of music. The album finishes with the epic journey of the seven-minute "Sahara" and the relaxed, gentle flow of "Mandala." To find out more about Mark Barnwell and his latest release "Mandala," please visit
Next up is the latest album from guitarist Strat Andriotis titled "Less Off Patient." It features Andriotis on guitar, Jeff Vidov on piano and Andrianna Lee on violin. The new release features 11-tracks, beginning with the Gypsy Jazz guitar build-up of the title-song, "Less Off Patient." Lee's violin works beautiful alongside Andriotis' guitar on the up-and-down flow of "There's Always Tomorrow." The trio deliver a neo-classical sound on "A Behavior Pattern," while "The Diming Light" has the perfect melody of Lee's violin alongside Vidov's beautiful piano. The album continues with the quick pace of Andriotis' guitar work on "Where It Goes," before the emotions come pouring out of "Duet" and "Somewhere In Time My Love." To find out more about Strat Andriotis and his latest release "Less Off Patient," please visit

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