Wednesday, April 19, 2017

CD Review: New Rock Releases Arriving From The Unit, Anchored And Rebel Beat

From Long Beach, CA comes the rock duo of Sofi Savage and Hutch Hostile, better known as The Unit. They will be releasing their debut album "I Won't Die" on April 28th through Pavement Entertainment. Their new 8-song release begins with the thick guitar riffs of "The Black" as Sofi's vocals demand your attention. The steady beats of "All That's Left" keeps the energy flowing on this new wave grunge masterpiece. The album continues with the raw feel of "And I Walk," before finishing with hard rock blues of "Hide" and the steady alternative buzz of "By Yourself." To find out more about The Unit and their latest release "I Won't Die," please visit their Facebook page at

From Dallas, TX comes the latest release "Beneath The Surface" from the five-piece rock band Anchored. This will be the band's first album with Pavement Entertainment and was released on April 14th. Their new 12-song release begins with the blazing guitar intro of "The Show" as Anchored welcome you to have a good time. The energy kicks into overdrive with the addictive guitar riffs of "Fate" and the funky, country rock of "Shots And Cookies." They slow down the pace for mainstream radio gold with "Memory Lane" and "Circles" as the band deliver the goods in these tunes. The tempo picks back up with the thunderous groove of "Bar Fight" as the music hits the hard rock bullseye. They finish up their new album with the passion of "Fire" and the rock/hip-hop mix up of "Throwin' Down" featuring rap icon Snoop Dogg. To find out more about Anchored and their latest release "Beneath The Surface," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving May 5th is the full-length debut album from Rebel Beat titled "Steel Dust." It was produced by Jack Russell (Great White) and will be release through Pavement Entertainment. It features a dozen tracks (10 - studio, 2 - live), beginning with the nu-metal appeal of "I'm The Law" as their music mixes together electronic beats with a hip-hop/heavy metal mash-up of the vocals. Their music takes on a harder sound with the thunderous rhythm of "Swinging Around" and "Red Rock," before delivering a more mainstream rock sound with "Away." They play around with the beats and get funkier with the bass line of "Ferguson" and with "Braindown." They finish out the album with live versions of their songs "Dead President" and "Rebel Beat," which were recorded in Moscow in 2014. To find out more about Rebel Beat and their latest release "Steel Dust," please visit their Facebook page at

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