Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CD Review: Purple Pyramid Collects The Best Of Omega's Early Work For "Anthology"

Hungary's most successful rock band, Omega have recently released their first "Anthology," which collects the band's work from the sixties and seventies. Omega has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and have been covered by The Scorpions and their music has recently been used in Kanye West's song "New Slaves." The Purple Pyramid label has collected the band's earliest work and divided them up into two discs, "The Beaty Sixties" and "The Spacy Seventies."

Disc one features the work of their first three albums that were released in the late-sixties. Two of which were recorded in their native Hungarian language and the other was in English. The disc features Omega's early prog/pop magic in songs like "The Jester's Daily Bread" and "After A Hard Year." They showcased their rock force in "Everytime She Steps In" and "You Don't Know," while also digging into the blues of "200 Years After The Last War." The disc also includes the band's hit single "Pearls In Her Hair."

The seventies are where the band came into their own, releasing seven studio albums during the decade. The second disc starts out with the musical journey of "House Of Cards, Pt 1 & 2" with "Timerobber" sandwiched in between. Omega grew into a classic prog-rock band with songs like "Don't Keep Me Waiting" and "Late Night Show." They can still capture the rock element of the seventies decade with guitar-driven songs like "High On The Starway" and "Purple Lady." The set closes with the mellow pop tones of "Lady Of The Summer Nights" and the piano ballad "Silver Rain." To find out more about the new Omega "Anthology," please visit

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