Thursday, May 11, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Legionnaire, Insanity, Bury The Machines And Walpyrgus

Here are some new heavy metal releases arriving at the end of May and the beginning of June. First up is the full-length, debut album from Finnish band Legionnaire titled "Dawn Of Genesis." Their new 8-song release kicks off with the high-energy of "Clairvoyance" and the dual guitar attack of Aku Tiensuu and Petri Ranta, which electrifies the song's thrash metal sound. The album continues with the chugging rhythm of "Shadow Upon The Metropolis" and the extreme metal delivery of "The Guardian." Their new release wrap up with the story of the "Black Harbinger" and the swift pace of "Olympian Aegis." To find out more about Legionnaire and their latest release "Dawn Of Genesis," please visit their Facebook page at 
Also arriving on May 26th is the sophomore release from Switzerland hardcore metal band Insanity. Their new album titled "Toss A Coin" follows the blueprint laid down by past New York hardcore bands as they kick things off with the hard-hitting "No Tolerance For Intolerance." The call to arms of "Find A Way" and "With My Friends" will turn you into an instant fan of Insanity and their music. The shout along chorus of "Down" and "One Day" will make you feel part of a larger hardcore metal community as Insanity continue to grow with each new album. To find out more about their latest release "Toss A Coin," please visit
Coming in June is the latest release from doom metal band, Bury The Machines titled "Wicked Covenant." Bury The Machines is the work of Chicago native John E Bomher, Jr. as his new 3-song EP kicks off with the 11-minute epic "Beneath My Wrath." He masterfully turns the song's dark journey into exciting progressive-metal wizardry. The album's other two songs, "A Victim's Tears" and "Waterweapon," continue Bury The Machines' doom metal conquest as the songs buzz with guitars and deep bass grooves. To find out more about Bury The Machines' latest release "Wicked Covenant," please visit
Finally we arrive at the full-length debut album from Walpyrgus. The band is made up of heavy metal veterans from bands like Twisted Tower Dire, Viper and Daylight Dies. Their first EP was released back in 2014 on cassette and CD and their new album "Walpyrus Nights!" will be released on June 9th on CD and vinyl with a 56-page comic book with lyrics. Their new 8-song release begins with the high-energy of "The Dead Of The Night"as they capture the essence of their heavy metal influences. Their sound carries a nostalgic metal sound with a modern element that bring you back to the early days of classic hard rock in songs like "Dead Girls" and "Palmystry." Walpyrgus also throw in a cover of "Light Of A Torch" by the Danish heavy metal band Witch Cross." To find out more about Walpyrgus and their latest release "Walpyrgus Nights," please visit their Facebook page at

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