Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CD Review: New Highly Anticipated Albums From Bangtower, Rahul Mukerji, Echolust And Aerial School

Progressive-rock band Bangtower return after a seven-year absence with their highly anticipated new album "With N With Out." The new 12-song release features the return of the band with some special guests including Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) and Rodger Carter (John 5). The new (mostly) instrumental release begins with the quiet, atmospheric, floating sound of "Hello I'm Here." Bangtower get more electronic on the jazz fusion appeal of "PCH," before getting their rocks on for the up-lifting, epic feel of "Chipolte" and "Roger, Wilco N Out." Their progressive nature shines on the adventurous sounds of "Uncle Floyd," while Grammy-winner Neil Citron handles all the instruments on the expressive tone of "My Father's Smile." The album wraps up with the hard rock number "This Is My Town" and the experimental energy of "6/8 Primate." To find out more about Bangtower and their latest release "With N With Out," please visit

Fusion guitarist Rahul Mukerji is preparing the release of his debut album "Ma De Re Sha." Born in India, Rahul now resides in Maryland and uses his experiences to express himself through his music. He brings together the rhythm of his Indian culture with some fresh and exciting guitar licks on the album's opening tracks "Exit 13." He delivers an international sound, bringing both genres of music together with "Sita," while the smooth progressive rock feel of "Children Of I-2" shows off his outstanding guitar skills. He electrifies the album with the solo of "Zidd" and "Ma De Re Sha," before slowing the pace down for the Eastern tones of "Train Ride from Siliguri." The album closes with the acoustic finger-picking of "Event Horizon" and the hard rock assault of "Sinner." To find out more about Rahul Mukerji and his latest release "Ma De Re Sha," please visit

The trio from Long Beach, CA who goes by the name Echolust have released their debut album titled "Veldisa." The band work out of the vein of New Order and the Jesus And Mary Chain as their dark tone gets lifted by sprawling new wave rock tones. Their new 12-song release begins with the steady rhythm of "1799" as all the positive buzz about the band is true. They deliver the moody vibe of "Dark Hair Girl," before adding more electronics into the mix of "Decor Blonde." The slow and steady flow of "For Least Resistance" keeps you glued to music as the vocals highlight the songs monotone pace. The band takes a page out of the Depeche Mode songbook with the sounds of "Cherry Dancer," then layer their music on "Electric," before finishing with the acoustic rock of "Velvet Holiday" and the electronic fuzz of "This Blurry Kill." To find out more about Echolust and their latest release "Veldisa," please visit

From Hollywood, CA comes the debut release from hard rockers Aerial School. Their new 7-song release titled "Love Is Calling" leads off with the album's current single, the arena rocker "Darker Shade Of Gray." They kick it into high gear during "Red Hot Flame" with Thorn St. Germain ripping it up on guitar and Jimmy Z on harmonica. Aerial School keep the energy flowing with the rush of adrenaline on "All My Life," then pay tribute to their influences with the classic hard rock sound of "Go For A Ride." They finish with the big guitar riffs of "Singing A Song" as vocalist Dusty Bo lets his voice soar on this album closer. To find out more about Aerial School and their latest release "Love Is Calling," please visit their Facebook page at

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