Wednesday, May 3, 2017

CD Review: New Music Arriving From Bobby Kimball, The Loft Club And Chrome

American rock singer Bobby Kimball returns with a new studio album titled "We're Not In Kansas Anymore." Kimball was the original lead singer for the band Toto, who's hits include "Rosanna" and "Africa." His new solo album was released on April 21st through Purple Pyramid Records and features the production work of John Zaika. The new 11-song release begins with the rocker "Too Far Behind" as Kimball belts out the lyrics with youthful energy. He gets the horns going on the funk/rock delivery of "On My Feet," before picking up the pace for the hard rock pace of "Hey It's Me." His voice sounds timeless on the ballads "One Day" and "Hold On" and feels right at home on the epic feel of "Met Her For." The album finishes with a return to the funk groove of "Some They Do" and the up-lifting, inspirational piece "You're Not Alone." To find out more about Bobby Kimball and his latest release "We're Not In Kansas Anymore," please visit

From Britain comes the latest release from the indie-rock band The Loft Club. Their new 5-song EP is titled "Heart's Desire" and is finally making its way to the U.S. after six months of release. The title-song kicks off their new release as the band follows the blueprint laid down by Fleetwood Mac. They settle into their own with the steady pace of "Flicker" and the slinky, bluesy tones of "I'm Just A Man." Their new short release closes with the Americana feel of "Stick & Stones" and a full-length remix of "Heart's Desire." To find out more about The Loft Club and their latest release "Heart's Desire," please visit their Facebook page at

Chrome is an American rock band founded by Damon Edge and Helios Creed. They formed Chrome over 40 years ago in San Francisco, utilizing the experimental period of rock music and becoming one of the prime bands of the industrial rock music sound. The band found underground cult success early on their careers as they continued to roll through the eighties. As tension broke the two founding members apart, talks about re-uniting came to a halt when Edge was found dead of an apparent heart attack. Creed decided to go on with the band, as a tribute to the work that him and Edge had started. After a short hiatus, Creed released the band's first album in 13 years back in 2014 with "Feel It Like A Scientist." Now, continuing the legend of Chrome, Creed and his latest band have released a new album titled "Techromancy!" It features a dozen tracks, beginning with the industrial buzz of "Administer The Treatment." They rectify the post-punk energy of "Black Diamond" and "Death Is A Pusher" as they seem primed to become the leaders of the underground industrial rock scene once again. They finish up their latest release with the experimental electronic delivery of "The Mandela Effect Pedal" and classic, alternative, goth-grunge sound of "Just For You." To find out more about Chrome and their latest release "Techromancy!," please visit their Facebook page at

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