Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Bands Kaleido, Ten Foot Pole, Grands Pricks, Polarnecks, Hot Kids And Dolly Spartans

Detroit hard rockers Kaleido recently released their new debut album "Experience" on May 19th through Luxor Records. The band is also currently on tour, opening for fellow rockers Seether, before joining Rob Zombie in July. This five-piece band is a stadium act ready to unleash their music on the masses. Their new album begins with a fake radio station intro, which leads into the big guitar sound of "Blue Collar Delight" as singer Christina Chriss will have you following her every word with her intense vocals. They continue with the rhythm fueled eruption of "No More Little Miss Nice Bitch" and the battle cry of "Die Tryin'" as Kaleido deliver an experienced rock sound as if they've been around for years. They experiment with their hard rock sound with the island rhythm of "Trouble In Paradise," but come roaring back with the high energy of "Love & War." Kaleido finish their album with the power ballad "All Together" and the slow, steady build-up of "The End." For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Experience," please visit kaleidoband.com.

From Southern California comes the latest release from pop-punk band Ten Foot Pole. Their new album titled "Setlist," features new recordings of some of the band's previous songs with Dennis Jagard taking over the lead singer role. Their new 13-song release contains 10 of the band's previous songs with a cleaner, more energetic, up-to-date sound; and a couple unreleased songs "Scars" and " I Don't Wanna Go." The final track on the album is an acoustic version of "Old Man." Ten Foot Pole kick things off with the buried treasure "Scars" as they will certainly capture your attention right from the first note. They kick it up a notch with the intense punk-like speed of "My Wall," before delivering the up-beat pop tones of "I Don't Wanna Go." Their music is definitely fun to sing-along to, especially "Kicked Out Of Kindergarten" and "Never Look Back." They finish with the build-up of "Closer To Grey" and the acoustic strumming of "Old Man." To find out more about Ten Foot Pole and their latest release "Setlist," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/tenfootpole.

Arriving July 13th on Gold Mold Records is the split EP titled "PolarPricks." It features the U.K. bands, Grand Pricks and Polarnecks as they each place their best effort on this upcoming release. The first two songs feature Grand Pricks who have an alternative, new wave sound as they look to capture their nineties influences with "En Flique" and "Don't Vote." Polarnecks deliver a raw, grunge-like feel to "Pretty," before the reckless punk attack of "Dogs." To find out more about this unique split-release, please visit the Gold Mold Records Facbook page at facebook.com/GoldMoldRecords.

Canadian trio, HotKid recently released their full-length debut album "Late Night Mornings." It features ten tracks as the band were allowed to experiment more in the studio with this new release. The album begins with the deep bass groove of "Need A Friend" as you are introduced to the wonderful vocals of Shiloh Harrison. They expand upon their sound with the alternative buzz of the title-song "Late Night Mornings" and deliver a raw, new wave sound with "Little Mess." The up-tempo, pop-punk feel of "Caught In The Light" and "Wasting Time" showcase the energy this trio have to deliver to their fans, while they also touch upon the alternative grunge of the 90's in "Jealous." HotKid wrap up their new album with the classic new wave rock sound of "This Time." To find out more about HotKid and their latest release "Late Night Mornings," please visit hotkid.ca.

From New York comes the latest release from alternative rockers the Dolly Spartans. Their new 5-song EP is titled "Time Sides With No One" and features one of the top indie-rock bands of the east coast. They begin their new album with the steady build-up of "When The Wheels Stopped Moving" as their sound contains mature, well-written melodies that definitely has a timeless quality.  They pick the energy up with the up-beat pop/rock of "Hanging Out" and reach their pinnacle on the sing-along chorus of "I Hear The Dead." They finish up their new short release with the youthful, high energy appeal of "Time Sides With No One" as Dolly Spartans leave you wanting more from this band. To find out about the Dolly Spartans and their latest release "Time Sides With No One," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/dollyspartans.

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