Wednesday, May 24, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Sarah Lassez, Kylie Odetta And Layla Frankel

French singer/songwriter Sarah Lassez is following in her grandfather's footsteps on her new EP "Paris In Tears." Her grandfather used to compose songs for singer Edith Piaf and Sarah has composed her new 5-track release as a simple, but playful exercise in music. She begins with the slow-waltz of the title song "Paris In Tears" as Sarah's vocals are perfect for this gentle flow of music and words. She adapts beautifully to the jazzy tone of "Mermaid Serenade" and "Ziegfeld Girl" as Sarah's vocals acts out the role delivered in the songs. Her new short release finishes with the smooth, dream-like poetry of "Time Killer." To find out more about Sarah Lassez and her latest release "Paris In Tears," please visit

Indie-singer/songwriter Kylie Odetta recently released her new album titled "Undertow." This 19-year old soul singer displays her maturity on the jazzy opener "Sunny Day" as Kylie's vocals are warm, sultry and sweet as they get wrapped around your head. Her vocals become the main attraction on the slow piano ballad "Undertow," before adding a soulful, R&B sound to "Stress." Kylie wraps up her new short, 7-song release with the up-beat, pop feel of "You Cannot Have Your Way" and the country backdrop of "Battleground." To find out more about Kylie Odetta and her latest release "Undertow," please visit

From Chicago comes the debut EP from singer/songwriter Layla Frankel. Her new release titled "Tame The Fox" features five original tracks and one cover song. She begins with the soulful strumming of "To Disregard" and "Tenderly." She adds a folk/rock vibe to the up-tempo rhythm of "Creature Of Habit," before slowing things back down for the storied lyrics of "Alamosa." She finishes her new album off with a slow, spiritual cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven," To find out more about Layla Frankel and her latest release "Tame The Fox," please visit

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