Saturday, May 13, 2017

CD Review: Russ Features Debut With "A Wolf" & DMX Joins Blackburner For "Dog Eats Rabbit"

From Atlanta comes the major label debut album from DIY rapper Russ. His new album titled "There's Really A Wolf" was released on May 5th through Columbia Records. His new 20-song release begins with a simple piano chord and the big beats of "I'm Here" as Russ introduces his style to the world. The addictive rhythms lay the perfect groundwork for Russ' rhymes in "The Stakeout" and "Cherry Hill." He adds an R&B-vibe to "Ride Slow," while the dance/pop tones of "Don't Lie" are undeniable. The album also includes his two break-through hit singles "What They Want" and "Losin Control," before finishing the album with the mellow beats of "Back To You" and autobiographical lyrics of "MVP." T0 find out more about Russ and his latest release "There's Really A Wolf," please visit his Facebook page at

Hip-hop icon DMX recently worked with Dubstep artist Blackburner on his latest release "Dog Eats Rabbit!" It was released back in April through Hypnotic Records, a division of Cleopatra Records. The new 21-track release features the powerful vocals of DMX as if they were thrown down the Dubstep rabbit hole as Blackburner mixes them to his liking. Songs like "Shut Em Down" and "How We Roll" have a great balance of beats and lyrics, while "Let It Go" showcases Blackburner's skills with mixing rhythms. DMX takes the spotlight with his message on "Get Back On My Feet," while "Dog Eats Rabbit" and "Chains In Your Brain" display Blackburner's talents switch tempos and beats. To find out more about this team up of DMX and Blackburner, please visit

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