Friday, May 5, 2017

CD/Book Review: Franky & The Band Pay Homage To Austin, TX With A New "Rock Opera"

From Austin, TX comes the latest release from Franky And The Band titled "Austin, Texas The Rock Opera." Released back in April, lead singer/songwriter Fehmi Nuhoglu has put together this love story for the city of Austin. It has been released as an album and a book as it dives further into the songs and the meaning behind the lyrics as each chapter is dedicated to a song on the new album.
The new album features 13-songs, beginning with the piano-ballad tale of love titled "Austin I'm Flying" as Brian Leach delivers the song's lyrics with grace and emotion. The tempo picks up with the country hoe-down "Austin Rodeo" as you are given no excuse to not have good time, dancing the Texas two-step to this number. Then the guitars come out for the quick-paced rocker "Live Music Capital," before Franky (Fehmi Nuhoglu) showcases his love for the blues with "Texas Weather (Shadow Queen)" lead by the vocals of Lynne Jordan. The fun, up-beat country swing of "Dance With Me Mom" is highlighted by the sweet vocals of Jennifer Williams, before Franky's lyrics deliver a special love story in "Austin Holds A Place." The rock energy builds back up with the guitar-driven "Austin Save My Love," then the marching rhythm of "Austin Marching" may become the city's new theme songs. The "Rock Opera" closes with the southern-rock swing of "Austin Where I Want To Be" as Franky's words and Lynne Jordan Back's vocals make this song undeniable fun.
The accompanying book, titled "A Love Like Texas Weather" came about as Franky was writing the album and had more to say about the city that has inspired his latest release. The book expands upon the "Rock Opera" album with the characters of Travis and Texy, using their love story to portray Franky's love for the city of Austin. A musical play is also in the works, but has not been completed at this time. To find out more about Franky And His Band and their latest release "Austin Texas The Rock Opera - A Texas Love Story," please visit

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