Saturday, May 20, 2017

DVD/CD Review: Revisit Punk/Rock With The "Plasmatics Live!" & "The Sound Of The Furys"

The new release titled "Plasmatics Live! Rod Swenson's Lost Tapes 1978-81" features live video clips of the band performing some of their most well-known songs from different venues in the U.S. Since the Plasmatics were originally a New York band, the first couple videos feature the band as new wave/punk act at the famed CBGB's. While the video footage is nowhere near high-definition, the historic value alone is worth it to see the band grow and develop into the rebellious, controversial band of the eighties that made lead singer Wendy O. Williams a star in the heavy metal/punk music genre.

You see the band develop their stage show and their sound in 1980 with their performance at the Calderone Theatre in Long Island as Williams begins to showcase herself as a sex-symbol. The band continue to grow their sound and their look, as they try to make their look as outrageous as their sound. As the video continues through the band's live anthology, their sound takes on a more thrash metal feel in the early eighties with songs like "Living Dead" and "Nothing." Plus the Plasmatics continued to develop and revolve their stage show around destruction as Williams smashes television sets and blows up cars as she has the audience eating out of her hand. The amazing part is how much their sound and stage show grew and changed in only three years.

The hour-long video is a great reminder as to how innovative a performer Wendy O. Williams was and how she seduces every audience into become fans of the band. If you love the band, then this video is a great snapshot of their early days and if you are new to the Plasmatics, then this video will open your eyes as to what you may have missed from the band's heyday. To find out more about the new video release of "Plasmatics Live! Rod Swenson's Lost Tapes 1978-81," please visit

The classic new wave/punk band The Furys have returned with a new 9-song compilation titled "The Sound Of The Furys." It features a mix of old and new material, beginning with the raw, punk-like energy of "Wicked White," which captures the nostalgic sound of the late-seventies. The one cover song that appears on this release features The Furys' injecting new wave/pop sound into The Walker Brothers version of "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore." The compilation includes the band's 1978 indie-radio hit "Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep" and their 1979 single "We Talk We Dance." Their new release wraps up with a pair of fan favorites from their eighties output, "Gotta Be" and "What's Done Is Done." To find out more about The Furys and their latest release "The Sound Of The Furys," please visit their Facebook page at

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