Thursday, June 8, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music In June From Dead Asylum, 1818, Antidote, The Summoned & Madrost

June is heating up with new heavy metal releases from Dead Asylum, 1818, Antidote, The Summoned and Madrost. Beginning June 2nd, we got the latest from Thrash/Death metal band Dead Asylum titled "Death Always Wins." Their new 8-song release kicks things into high gear right off the bat with the fast paced "Defiance." The titled song features the shout along chorus of "Death Always Wins" as the song's energy is extreme. The guitars come out a-blazing on the destruction of "Bury The Living," before all the intensity and excitement come together on "Forgotten Sacrifice." The album finishes with the thunderous drumming of "Welcome" and the growling vocals of "Inmate 666." To find out more about Dead Asylum and their latest release "Death Always Wins," please visit

Also June 2nd is the arrival of hardcore Pennsylvanian band, 1818's recently released new EP titled "Hiraeth" through Pavement Entertainment. It features 5 gut-wrenching songs that are aggressive and in-your-face. They begin their new album with "Seven" as the songs thunderous rhythm motors the intense screaming vocals. They switch tempos on the more melodic, mainstream metal of "Believe," then turn on their grunge appeal on "Swallow." Their new short release finishes with the emotional, built-up aggression of "Yesterday Calls Me Home." To find out more about 1818 and their latest release "Hiraeth," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up is the June 9th release of Antidote's "The Rock Years." This release is a compilation of the band's "rock era" albums. When the band began back in 1983, they were one of the premier underground hardcore metal bands of New York. They reformed again in 1986 as a hard rock act that drew its influence from Judas Priest and this latest release reflects that period of hard rock with this new 12-song compilation. It begins with "Return 2 Burn" as Antidote bring in elements of fellow New York metal band Anthrax to give their music an extra jolt of energy. When they try to tone down the hardcore part of their music, Antidote seems out of their element as in "Positively Negative." Their strength is in the thrash like guitar riffs of "Be True To Yourself" and "No No No." They finish this new compilation with raw energy of "Something Must Be Done," which reflects the band's early years as in the punk-like fury of "Rageman." To find out more about Antidote and their latest release "The Rock Years," please visit their Facebook page at

The following week on June 16th features the self-released sophomore effort from Boston-based metal band, The Summoned. The album titled "Sessions" is considered a concept album dealing with the mind of a trouble patient of a psychiatrist. The band's technical hardcore metal delivery blasts off with the attack of "The Pendulum Swing" as you instantly notice the band's musicianship. The Summoned continue with the screams of "Faradic" and "Fractal Patterns." The band's music excels during the swinging tempo of "Built Of Glass," before delivering an all-out hardcore metal assault with "Vetiginous." They finish their new album with the exciting bass runs of "Recollection" and the seven-plus minute progressive metal appeal of "Satori." To find out more about The Summoned and their latest release "Sessions," please visit

Finally we wrap up June with a new release from Madrost titled "The Essence Of Time Matches No Flesh." It features 7-tracks of progressive thrash metal, beginning with the energetic blast of "Eyes Of The Deceit." The band showcases their musicianship on the more progressive approach of "The Silence In Ruins," before speeding things up with the machine gun drumming of "From Sand To Dust." Their short 30-plus minute release wraps up with the speed and aggression of "No Future" and the epic heavy metal journey of "Dimensions." To find out more about Madrost and their latest release "The Essence Of Time Matches No Flesh," please visit their Facebook page at

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