Thursday, June 22, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From Conveyer, Carnivore, Crimson Glory, Twilight Force & Soul Remnants

Arriving June 23rd is the sophomore release from hardcore metal band Conveyer. The new album titled "No Future" will be available through Victory Records. It features 11 bone-crushing anthems, beginning with the power attack of "Dust." The screams come reigning down during the swiftness of "The Whetstone" and the power of the music of "New Low" will hit you like a ton of bricks. The energy of "Levity," plus the aggressiveness of "No Future" and "Drift" will have you stand up and take notice of this new rising hardcore metal band. To find out more about Conveyer and their latest release "No Future," please visit their Facebook page at 

Earlier this month, Roadrunner Archive label in association with Metalville have released new digitally remastered albums from the band's Carnivore and Crimson Glory. The band Carnivore was the introduction of singer/bassist Pete Steele (Type O Negative) into the metal world. Their original 8-track debut album gets expanded with 3 bonus tracks. In the early 80's, Carnivore were an underground thrash metal band from Brooklyn, NY that never found the popularity of other thrash metal bands like Metallica and fellow New Yorkers, Anthrax. The three bonus tracks contained on this new reissue include "U.S.A. For U.S.A.," "S.M.D." and "Sex And Violence." These songs would appear on the band's second album, but have been added since their history dates back to the studio sessions for Carnivore's debut album.

The sophomore album from Crimson Glory titled "Transcendence" is also get reissued. This was the band's most anticipated album, since their debut album sold so well among the rising hair metal fans of the mid-eighties. This second album from Crimson Glory finds the band adding a more progressive rock feel to their music. Their sound drew similarities to Queensryche, but never achieved the same fame and the band broke up shortly after their third album. Songs like "Lady Of Winter" and "Painted Skies" showcased some of the band's hard rock sound, while "Burning Bridges" and "In Dark Places" showcases the band's stellar songwriting and musicianship as they tested the limits of their fans with these new progressive metal numbers. Both albums were released on June 2nd.

Swedish metal band Twilight Force arrived on May 5th with their new album "Heroes Of Mighty Magic." Their orchestral heavy metal sound feels so epic in the album's opening track "Battle Of Arcane Might" that you feel part of the song's grand story. Strap yourself in for a ride of adventure with the swiftness of "Powerwind" and the "Flight Of The Sapphire Dragon" as this magical journey of heavy metal and mythical tales take you away from the norm. Their musicianship excels during the 10-minute prog-metal feel of "There And Back Again" and "Heroes Of Might Magic" as this music could be the soundtrack to the next season of "Game Of Thrones." To find out more about Twilight Force and their latest release "Heroes Of Might Magic," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally from Boston, comes the latest release titled "Ouroboros" from death metal band Soul Remnants. It is the band's third album since their 2009 debut and the album revolves around a futuristic, dystopian war among mankind. The new 9-song release comes blasting out of the gate with the intense attack of "Mechanical Synapse Modulations." They continue to deliver an onslaught of aggression with "Regurgitation And Consumed" and "Mental Tourniquet" with their growling vocals and buzzing guitars. Soul Remnants finishes with the progressive death metal energy of "Dissolving Into Obscurity" and the grinding rhythm of "False Kingdom Of Prophecy." To find out more about Soul Remnants and their latest release "Ouroboros," please visit their Facebook page at

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