Friday, June 16, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Midnight Vesta, Upright Man, Adam Ezra Group & The Thin Cherries

From Canada comes the sophomore release titled "Seconds" from Americana band Midnight Vesta. Their new 9-song release begins with the wonderful melody of "Someone To Call My Own," as you find your self singing along after only a couple listens. They deliver you to the country with the quick, two-step rhythm of "Take Me Back," before slowing down for the quiet, acoustic strumming of "Second Chances." The country rock of "Annie" and the storied lyrics of "Cut From The Cloth" showcases the wonderful diversity in their sound, before finishing their new album with the gentle love story of "The Only Other Person In The Room." To find out more about Midnight Vesta and their latest release "Seconds," please visit their Facebook page at

New York rock band Upright Man is preparing to release their self-titled debut album on August 18th. The new 10-song release is a sonic landscape that combines the band's influence of Pink Floyd, Little Feat and Radiohead. Beginning with the "jamband" rock of "Elysia," you instantly get a sense that the musicianship within the band is top notch as their music takes you on a journey. They deliver the sweet songwriting of "Say What You Mean" and then the hard edged "Upright Man" in order to display the different genres that the band covers. Whether its acoustic folk of "Alaska" or progressive hard rock of "Animals," the one constant is that the music takes you a on sonic trip. To find out more about Upright Man and their new release, please visit

Boston-based rock band the Adam Ezra Group recently released their new fan funded, fan produced album "Hurricane Wind." It features 11-tracks (10 studio, 1 live) and displays a new birth of energy within the band as they reconnected with their fans on this new release. The album begins with the funk/rock groove of "Life Of A Thief" as the band brings the song's rhythm to the forefront. The group falls back to their folk roots with "The Toast" and showcase their country side with "I Believe." The acoustic, country strumming of "Let Your Hair Down" is a hit single in the waiting, while "Steal Your Daughter" blurs the line between southern and hard rock. The album finishes with the swift-tempo of "Goin Out Tonight" and a live version of "All I Am" featuring John Oates on the song's beautiful harmonies. To find out more about the Adam Ezra Group and their latest release "Hurricane Wind," please visit

From Chicago comes the latest musical project from Steven Delisi and Mark Lofgren called The Thin Cherries. They recently released their self-titled debut album back in April. It features 10-tracks that are certain to take you on a musical journey, beginning with the steady rhythm of "Uncountry." Their music takes on a retro sound with "I And Julia" as the vocals and melody become very addictive. The alternative pop delivery of "Dorian Gray" and the acoustic folk of "Not My Love" will keep you wanting more from this new band as their music feels familiar and safe in your possession. To find out more about The Thin Cherries, please visit their Facebook page at

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