Thursday, June 29, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Mojo Gurus, Guitar Slim, Heather Trost & Kim Rancourt

From the west coast of Florida comes the career-defining record titled "Gone" from rockers The Mojo Gurus. The band is led by veteran singer/songwriter Kevin Steele, who also produced the album. The new 15-song release begins and ends with the classic guitar rock of "Real Gone Groove," but it's everything that is in-between that will make you a fan. The album's lead single, "Love Somebody" sounds straight from the seventies with its up-tempo, guitar driven rhythm, highlighted by the horn section. Kevin and the band deliver the southern, soulful sound of "Fifty Miles," before moving on the blues of "All I Do Is Cry" and the psychedelic mindset of "Step Into The Light." The guitar boogie shuffle of "Monkey Off My Back" and the punk-like energy of "(We're All Goin') Straight To Hell" showcases the many genres that The Mojo Gurus cover with their brand of music. The album will be released on June 30th through MRI Entertainment. To find out more about The Mojo Gurus and their latest release "Gone," please visit

Back in April, Orleans Records re-issued the Grammy-nominated blues album "The Story Of My Life" from Guitar Slim Jr. It will be the first ever release of the album on vinyl and will be also issued on CD for the first time in almost 30 years. The album was the debut release from Guitar Slim Jr. (son of legendary Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones) and features a classic blues sound that he adopted by being around his father at a very young age. Songs like "Bad Luck Blues" and "Reap What You Sow" showcases Guitar Slim Jr.'s exceptional skills on the guitar as he electrifies the music with jolts of energy. While he still performs live to this day, he has all but given up on studio recordings (his last studio album was released in 2010). To find out more about Guitar Slim Jr. and the new re-issue of his classic album "The Story Of My Life," please visit

Arriving earlier this month was the full-length debut album titled "Agistri" from singer/songwriter Heather Trost. Trost was one half of the performing duo A Hawk And A Hacksaw (with her husband Jeremy Barnes) and has recently went off on her own, assembling a new band for her new music. Her new 8-song release begins with the nostalgic, psychedelic rock of the title song, which is actually the name of a Greek Island. The music gently flows along on the instrumentals "Abiquiu" and "Bloodmoon," before Heather continues with experiment with her sound on the alt-pop feel of "Me And My Arrow" and the keyboard-fueled "Plastic Flowers." The album finishes with the angelic harmonies of "Real Me, Real You" and the quiet, ambient tone of "Three Feathers." To find out more about Heather Trost and her latest release "Agistri," please visit

From New York comes the latest from singer/songwriter Kim Rancourt titled "plum plum." It features an all-star band that was also featured in the HBO series "Vinyl" and brings Kim's music to life with a blast of energy for the songs "Circle's Gotta Go" and "I Kissed Pat Place." His new 10-song release switches between the rawness of punk as in "Arkansas Is Burning" and the nostalgia of "Claudine." He pays tribute to fellow New York artist Lou Reed with the experimental sonic blast of "She Got Hit," before finishing up with the quiet, late-night strumming of "Leave Your Light On." To find out more about Kim Rancourt and his latest release "plum plum," please visit

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