Tuesday, June 13, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Builder Of The House, Joseph Eid, Chris Moore & Eli Raybon

From Maine comes the singer/songwriter, folk duo Rob Cimitile and Elliot Heeschen, better known as Builder Of The House with their debut full-length album "Ornaments." The new 9-song release will be available on July 14th and features a peaceful, mature sound that is easy to get yourself wrapped up in. The album begins with the Americana stomp rhythm of "Never Going Back Again" as you will easily find yourself singing along to the song's wonderful lyrics. The gentle climb of "When No One Is Here" showcases the amazing songwriting between Cimitile and Heeschen, while "My New Eyes" is pure fun that we have you pressing the repeat button on this track. The steady rhythm of "Evergreen" allows you to focus on the lyrical love story, while the island shake-up of "Dawn Of Day" will get your feet moving. They wrap up their new album with the folk/pop appeal of "Pray For Me" and the stomp rhythm and layered vocals of "Weight In Gold." To find out more about Builder Of The House and their latest release "Ornaments," please visit builderofthehouse.com.

Americana singer/songwriter Joseph Eid recently released his new EP titled "Watch It Fall." It features 6 songs that deliver a "feel good" melody on top of great storied lyrics, beginning with "Starting Over" as the song continues to build upon each verse. The album continues with the addictive storied lyrics of "Tomb (Walked Away)," before the beautiful folk strumming of "Watch It Fall." His new short release finishes with the sweet island flavor of "Diary" and the reggae-infused rhythm of "Let Me In." To find out more about Joseph Eid and his latest release "Watch It Fall," please visit josepheidmusic.com.

From Brooklyn, NY comes the latest release from award-winning singer/songwriter Chris Moore. His latest EP is titled "Threads" and was released on June 2nd. He begins his new album with the up-beat, acoustic strumming of "PLAYitUP" and continues with the epic, progressive unplugged sound of "NoONEhereWANTStheNIGHTtoEND." He finishes up his short, new release with the lyrical folk style of "Relentless" and quiet instrumental picking of "SideStreet." To find out more about Chris Moore and his latest release "Threads," please visit mooresong.com.

Arriving June 23 is the latest EP from new wave artist Eli Raybon titled "Green." It features 4 tracks, beginning with the nostalgic 80's synth-fueled sound of "30 Cents." He keeps the energy flowing with the keyboard driven rhythm of "Like An Eel," before finishing his new short release with the pop/hip-hop vocals of "Unsymmetrical." To find out more about Eli Raybon and his latest release "Green," please visit eliraybon.com.

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