Friday, June 30, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Singer/Songwriters Nescora, Jordan Okrend, MesAlfie & Brad Byrd

From New York City comes the latest album from singer/songwriter Nescora. His new release titled "Some Place Some Where" will be released on July 21st and features 8 songs that touch upon the tones of blues and country, while maintaining a folk/rock backdrop. The album begins with the slow, country strumming of "Together Play Together Pray," then he picks up  the tempo up with the steady, bluesy rhythm of "Rescue." The quietness of "Krazy Over U" allows you to appreciate Nescora's wonderful songwriting as he delivers pop lyrics on this folk gem. He goes full-on country with the the spirit of "Find Out" and "Rapid In My Heart," before finishing his new release with the acoustic blues of "Days Are Gone." To find out more about Nescora and his latest release " Some Places Some Where," please visit his Facebook page at

From Ashville, NC comes the latest release from jazz/funk/pop artist Jordan Okrend. His new album titled "Dance By The Riverside" was released back on June 23rd and features 8 tunes that will get your body moving. He begins with the seventies funk backdrop of "Unknown Love" as his vocals sound smooth with these solid rhythms. The album's lead single "Dance By The Riverside" has a "jamband" feel as Okrend and his band can keep the groove rolling for hours. His soulful vocals soar on the jazzy "Infinity" and the acoustic pop of "Changing My Mind," before closing his new release with the folk protest of "Unity." To find out more about Jordan Okrend and his latest release "Dance By The Riverside," please visit

Italian singer/songwriter Alfredo Serafini recently released his first English album under the name MesAlfie. After much success in his home country of Italy, MesAlfie is looking to expand his sound beyond their borders with his new album "Hey, Super." The new 11-song release begins with the the steady build-up of the folk/rock feel of "Dear Enemy." His vocals are stellar on the gentle moving ballad "The Incredible World" and also in "Must See New York," his tribute to post 9/11, New York City. He dives into the R&B/pop side of American music with "I Need" and "I'm Gonna Meet You," before finishing his new album with the smooth vocals of "There Is No Way" and the quiet, acoustic folk love story of "Tania." To find out more about MesAlfie and his latest release "Hey, Super," please visit

From Los Angeles comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Brad Byrd titled "Highest Mountain." It is his first new album in almost 6 years and it is also his most personal as he sings about dealing with the struggles in his life. The new 10-song release begins with the gentle folk ballad "Nothing At All" as you are slowly introduced to Byrd's beautiful melodies. He plugs in to pick the tempo up on the title song as his music can easily be compared to Ryan Adams or Jeff Tweedy. He sings about caring for his sick mother in "Save You" as the words carry a heavy, emotional meaning. His voice warms your heart on the acoustic strumming of "Headlights" and "Hold On Mama" as you'd follow his words anywhere. The album finishes with the country/folk recollection of "Hard Road" as I hope he returns quickly with another new album. To find out more about Brad Byrd and his latest release "Highest Mountain," please visit

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