Wednesday, June 7, 2017

CD Review: New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Entrails, Tombs, Igorr & Riot

Here are some new heavy metal releases arriving in June from Metal Blade Records, beginning with a few albums arriving June 16th. First we begin with the legendary death metal band Entrails, who rose from the dead in 2008 to continue delivering bone-crushing rhythms at neck breaking speed. Their new album titled "World Inferno" begins with the title song as their sound will blow you back into your seat. They dig deep for the dark heavy metal growl of "Condemned To The Grave" and show no mercy on their death metal assault of "The Soul Collector." They delivery a horror movie like intro to the aggressive attack of "Insane Slaughter," then finish with the intense thrashing of "Suffer" and pace-quicking rundown of "The Blood Breed." To find out ore about Entrails and their latest release "World Inferno," please visit their Facebook page at 
Also arriving June 16th is the Metal Blade Records debut from New York band, Tombs. Their new album titled "The Grand Annihilation" is a sonic blast of speed as the album's 10-songs will tire you out just listening to them. The epic, progressive metal feel of the album's opening track "Black Sun Horizon," sets the stage for what's in-store from this ten-year old band. The energy continues to flow through songs like "Old Wounds" and the seven-minute journey of the "Way Of The Storm." The album wraps up with the the dark tones of "Walk With Me In Nightmares" and the slow moving, doom metal of "Temple Of Mars." To find out more about Tombs and their latest release "The Grand Annihilation," please visit their Facebook page at 
Another June 16th arrival, is the latest release titled "Savage Sinusoid" from hardcore, nu-metal band Igorr. The band is the brainchild of Gautier Serre, but has definitely become a more collaborative effort as each album release moves further away from the electronic sampling and more toward using live musicians. The new album begins with with the 2-minute, hardcore grind of "Viande," before changing gears on the heavy metal opera "ieuD." They break out the accordion to balance out the screaming vocals of "Houmous," before the industrial metal appeal of "Opus Brain," which gives the music an epic sound. The gentle acoustic beginning of "Spaghetti Forever" blows up to showcase the band's hardcore sound. The new 11-song release wraps up with the electronic beats of "Robert" and the intense, epic delivery of "Au Revoir." To find out more about Igorr and their latest release "Savage Sinusoid," please visit 
Finally, at the end of the month arrives 3 new re-issues from the band Riot. Metal Blade Records is re-releasing the band's late-nineties output with the addition of bonus tracks taken from that same era of recording. The 3 albums included in this reissue are "Inishmore," "Sons Of Society" and their live album "Shine On." The steady line-up in the band, led Riot to one of their most successful periods as the albums created a cult following for the band. The bonus tracks are mixed in to the flow of the album to give fans a different perspective of the band's iconic albums. The album "Inishmore" includes the tracks "15 Rivers" and "Red Reign," which spotlight the vocals of Mike Dimeo and guitars of Mark Reale. The Japanese only song "Danny Boy" is also included as well as the demo version of "15 Rivers." 
The "Sons Of Society" album tacks on the song "Queen" that only appeared on the Japanese version of the album, as well as five early instrumental tracks from songs on the album. Fans will want to get their hands on the new reissue of Riot's live album "Shine On," which includes 2 bonus tracks to make the total amount of songs 20. The album adds the tracks "Watching The Signs" and "Nightbreaker" that appeared on the Japanese version in there rightful order and divides "The Last Of The Mohicans" and "Glory Calling" into two separate tracks. This live album is the most comprehensive collection of songs from the band's most productive period. To find out more about the new reissues from Riot, please visit

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