Sunday, July 2, 2017

CD Review: Moonjune Records Releases New Music From Machine Mass, Dusan Jevtovic, Talinka & Dialeto

We have four new releases arriving from Moonjune Records artists. First up is the latest from the musical trio Machine Mass. They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendtrix's debut album, "Are You Experienced" with a 9-song tribute to the late-guitarist. All of the music on this new album was recorded live in the studio and gives off an impulsive jam feel. The album begins with the jazzy feel of the nearly 8-minute opener, "Third Stone From The Sun" as keyboardist Antoine Guenet and guitarist Michel Delville make their presence known as drummer Anthony Bianco steadies the rhythm. They come stumbling into "Purple Haze" as the iconic guitar riff begins to take shape about 2-minutes into the song. Machine Mass turn "Spanish Castle Magic" into a jazz-fusion/rock assault, before taking "Voodoo Chile" to another level of intense music. The album finishes with an 11-minute, wildly chaotic version of "You Got Me Floatin'" and "The Wind Cries Mary," which features quotes from Hendrix laid on top of the music.

Next up is the latest release from the jazz-fusion guitarist Dusan Jevtovic titled "No Answer." It features the work of Vasil Hadzimanov on keyboards and Asaf Sirkis on drums, delivering a sound that combines the jazz and progressive rock worlds. The new 9-song release begins with the grunge-like delivery of "Al Aire/Soko Bira" and the prog-rock of "Frusci." The intensity slows down on the airy jazz feel of "Yo Sin Mi," before erupting during the build-up of "No Answer." The new album wraps up with the King Crimson-type delivery of "Lifetime" and the light-treading of "Prayer," before closing with the atmospheric, space-rock of "The Place With A View."

From across the pond comes the new, self-titled album from the British band Talinka. Each of the four members of the band are "distinguished" in their own field and their collaboration on this new album allows them to showcase each of their skills. The new 10-song release begins with the light, jazz-feel of "Talinka" as vocalist Tali Atzmon uses her voice as an instrument, along with saxophonist Gilad Atzmon to make the melody just glide. Tali's angelic vocals float along on the inspirational sound of "Baroque Bottom," before the  band pick the tempo up slightly for the smoky, jazz lounge of "Invitation." They experiment with their sound in the six-minute "Four 2 Tango," while the smooth jazz of "You Don't Know What Love Is" will put your worries at ease on this mellow piece of music.

Finally we arrive at the latest release from the Brazilian progressive rock band Dialeto. Their new album "Bartok In Rock" pays tribute to the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok as this trio add an element of rock to these compositions. This album was originally released on CD in Brazil only and features King Crimson violinist David Cross on the opening track "Mikrokosmos 113." The tempo at the beginning of the album is swift and fast paced, it slows down during the quieter experiment of "An Evening In The Village." Dialeto showcase their talents on the six different "Hungarian Folk Dances" as the band work as a cohesive unit on these tunes. The album closes with the hard rock build-up of "The Young Bride" as Dialeto lead to the edge of chaos and back.

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