Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From KillSET & From Phear

From southern California comes the latest album from hardcore metal band KillSET titled "S.T.F.U." It was produced by Eddie Wohl (Fuel) and showcases the band's growth in their songwriting and musicianship. The new 10-track album begins with "Get Up" as they mix modern rock melodies with hardcore guitar riffs. They display a harder edge to the their music in "Bully," before delivering the new mosh pit anthem with "Killers In The Pit." They slow down for the emotional delivery of "Broken Angel," then try their hand at turning Kris Kross' hit single "Jump" into nu-metal fun. KillSET finish their new album with the adrenaline shot of "Animal" and the aggressive blast of "Don't Let Me Die." To find out more about KillSET and their latest release "S.T.F.U.," please visit their Facebook page at

From Toronto, Canada comes the new album from thrash metal band Phear titled "The Curse Lives On." Their new 5-song EP follows quickly on the heels of their debut album "Reagan's Dream" and contains live version of songs from that album along with a cover song and one more original piece. The album begins with an electrifying 15-minute cover of Iron Maiden's "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" as Phear really dig in to display their musical talents. They add a grunge-like feel to the song "Dirty Work," before diving into the live versions of "Don't Scream," "Heaven" and "Regan's Dream." Performing live gives the band an extra jolt of adrenaline as you can hear them motor through the songs, pushing "Heaven" and "Regan's Dream" past the 9-minute mark. To find out more about Phear and their latest release "The Curse Lives On," please visit

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