Thursday, July 27, 2017

CD Review: New Music Arriving From The Robert Kraft Trio, Gloom Balloon And Underlined Passages

From Texas comes the arrival of the Robert Kraft Trio with their brand new set of studio songs titled "North Bishop Ave." They followed-up last year's vinyl-only release with this new 7-song CD, which features remixes of the singles "Gotta Have You" and "I Want To Show You" from last year's release. The other five songs on this new release have captured the essence of R&B/Soul music as Robert Kraft sings his way into your soul with the warm vocals of "Wonder." They swing on the R&B groove of "Alone With You" and continue to pick up the tempo up with the seventies dance rhythm of "So Beautiful." The album closes with the soulful blues of "Stand (The Ally Song)" as The Robert Kraft Trio bring their "A" game to his latest album. To find out more about The Robert Kraft Trio and their new release "North Bishop Ave.," please visit

Arriving September 1st is the sophomore release titled "Drying The Eyes Of The Goddess Of Gloom Underneath The Stars And The Moon" from alt-electronic duo Gloom Balloon. Their new 14-song release brings together the alternative, pop and classical worlds to create some interestingly different music that will have you discovering new things with each listen. They begin with "Password" which sounds like a demo that was recorded at Tape Fleming's house with his baby talking in the background. Then, they experiment with their sound, adding 80's electronic keyboards to "A Sky That Looks Like A Bruise," before going full orchestra with "Brush My Teeth" and delivering the soul of "Alone In My Head." The songs showcase their expansive/experimenting sounds on this latest album. They swing with the classic sixties rock of "Drying The Eyes Of The Goddess Of Gloom" as horns highlight the melody, giving the music an extra jolt of energy. Gloom Balloon dive on into the blues with "Infinity Starts Over," before finishing their new album with a couple of quick musical snippets that will bring the whole (album) story to a close. To find out more about Gloom Balloon and their latest release "Drying The Eyes Of The Goddess Of Gloom Underneath The Stars And The Moon," please visit

From Baltimore comes the indie-rock duo Underlined Passages with their latest release titled "Tandi My Dicafi." It will be released on September 15th through 400 Records and consist of 8- tracks that have a modern alt-pop sound, beginning with the exciting, up-tempo run of "Feelings." They continue their new release with the addictive pop tones of "Silverlake" and the moody electronic eighties feel of "Your Bedroom." They pick the tempo up with the punk-like energy of "Thinking, On A Sunday" and continue with the mainstream pop/rock melody of "Ruthenia," before closing out their new album with the acoustic strumming of "The Days Were Golden My Friends." To find out more about Underlined Passages and their latest release "Tandi My Dicafi," please visit their Facebook page at

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