Tuesday, July 4, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Iconic Indie-Artists Andy Hall & Roosevelt Collier, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters And The War & Treaty

Country and Bluegrass music meet up in this new release from Andy Hall (The Infamous Stringdusters) and Roosevelt Collier (Lee Boys) titled "Let The Steel Play." It was released back in June and showcases both of their love for slide guitar. The new 10-song instrumental displays their backgrounds in music through their finger picking, and slide steel guitar work. They add a jolt of energy to their cover of "This Little Light" as you can picture yourself driving down Route 66 just blasting this song doing 90mph. The duo take on the classic "A Maiden's Prayer," trying to add a little extra to the already iconic song. They sound like the second coming of Duane Allman and Eric Clapton on "Singing Steel" and they mesh their sounds perfectly on their cover of the Grateful Dead's "Crazy Fingers." They finish their new album with the up-tempo swing of "Remington" and they invite fellow bluegrass performer, Anders Beck to help them out on the original track, "Colfax Boogie." To find out more about Andy Hall and Roosevelt Collier's new release "Let The Steel Play," please visit their Facebook pages at facebook.com/andyhalldobro and facebook.com/RooseveltCollier.

Country roots band The Honeycutters have made a decision to add lead singer Amanda Anne Platt's name to the front of the band's name. They also recently released their new album titled "Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters." After four albums as The Honeycutters, the music still brings out the best of country music and Amanda's vocals are still undeniable. Their new 13-song release begins with the laid-back, country swing of "Birthday Song" as Amanda sings about how fast time flies, which everyone can understand. They continue with the steady rhythm of "What We've Got" as Amanda's vocals are timeless. The band plugs in for "Diamond In The Rough" giving an edgier feel to their country music, while "Eden" is a fun-filled, energetic and quickens the pace of the album. Amanda finds her way to your heart with the ballad "Learning How To Love Him," before slowly building the tempo back up with "Late Summer Child." Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters wrap up their new album with the country swaying love song "Rare Thing" and the acoustic country/folk appeal of "The Road." To find out more about Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters new release, please visit honeycutters.com.

The soulful roots duo The War & Treaty have recently released their new album titled "Down To The River." It has been a couple years since their last album and in that time, the duo have added mandolins, banjos, guitar, bass and drums to help give their music as big a sound as their voices portray. The new 8-song release begins with the title song as lead singer Tanya Blount will instantly grab your attention with her powerful, gospel-like vocals. When her musical partner Michael Trotter Jr. joins in on the vocals, the two have a bond that makes their music a force to be reckon with. They bring out the sound of the bayou on the stomp rhythm of "Hi Ho," before traveling out to the country with the storied lyrics of "Florida." Their new album continues with the soulful blues of "Hit Dawg Will Holla," before finishing with the burning jazz of "Set My Soul On Fire" and the up-tempo soul shot of "Wanna Get Outta Here." To find out more about The War & Treaty and their latest release "Down To The River," please visit thewarandtreaty.com.

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