Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Remember Jones, Black Horse Motel, Welsh Avenue, Peasant Moon And Cottondale Swamp

From New Jersey comes the exciting performance of Remember Jones and his debut studio output "Tranquilizer!" He released his debut live album last year titled "Ladies And Gentlemen, Remember Jones!," which was recorded in front of 500 members of his Indiegogo campaign. His new 5-song output delivers the same dynamic feel of the live performance, just without the audience. He begins with the upbeat title song, "Tranquilizer" as he will certainly get your blood pumping on this modern soul classic. He pulls back the reigns for the smooth R&B feel of "The Story Suite" as you find yourself getting lost in his warm vocals. His new short release finishes up with the seventies strut of "You Got That Somethin'" and the sweet ballad "Why Don't They Cry?" To find out more about Remember Jones and his latest release "Tranquilizer!," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/rememberjonesmusic.
Next up is the Philadelphia-based band, Black Horse Motel with their latest release titled "Parable." Their Americana/folk sound gets a jolt of energy on the opening track "Run Rabbit Run" as they quicken the pace of their roots-style music. Their new 5-song EP continues with the gentle ballad "Bones," before Black Horse Motel pick the tempo back up with the dark tone of "Where The Money Comes From" and the clap-along rhythm of "Dear Mama" about parental suicide. To find out more about Black Horse Motel and their latest release "Parable," please visit blackhorsemotel.net.
Then we arrive at the latest release from Texas-based singer/songwriter, Welsh Avenue. His latest release titled "The Great Exchange" features four songs that carry a modern, new-wave sound that works between pop and R&B. His new release begins with the piano-led pop of "Germ Theory" and the addictive melody of "Blue Eyes" as Welsh Avenue sings about past experiences. He visits the clubs with the smooth beats of "The Great Exchange," before finishing his new release with the experimental, new-wave piece "Time To Fly." To find out more about Welsh Avenue and his latest release "The Great Exchange," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/WelshAvenue.
Following next is the international country duo Peasant Moon with their new 5-track EP titled "Our Timing Was Wrong." The duo has added a full band on this release as the country sway of the opening track "Back In Time" will grab hold of your heart and bring you in to their simpler sound. They continue with the slow, honky-tonk, nostalgic feel of "Out Timing Was Wrong" and the beautifully quiet ballad "Party," before finishing their new short release with the Americana sound of "Leaving Tonight," which brings up memories of The Band. To find our more about Peasant Moon and their latest release "Our Timing Was Wrong," please visit peasantmoonsongs.com.

Finally, from the Florida bayou comes the debut album from Cottondale Swamp titled "Leave Me On The Suwanee." It has been out for over 6 months and is beginning get the notice it deserves with its southern boogie blues sound. Their new release begins with the straight-up rock of "Swamp King Troubadour" as lead singer Kenny Grube grabs hold of you with his bluesy vocals. The album continues with the Americana shuffle of "Leave Me On The Suwannee" and the country rock of "Land Rich, Money Poor." The guitars come out blazing on the rockabilly feel of "Temporary Border" and "Feral Baby," before the classic country feel of "High Horse" will have you on the dance floor with your partner. The album closes with the swampy blues of "Ole' Beelzebub" and the desert boogie instrumental"Tighten Up." To find out more about Cottondale Swamp and their latest release "Leave Me On The Suwanee," please visit cottondaleswamp.com.


shadven said...

This CD has been in heavy rotation in my world for several months. I love it... Florida Outlaw Swamp Rock!

Unknown said...

Great bunch of guys playing some good old Florida grass roots tunes!