Saturday, July 22, 2017

DVD Review: New Documentary Invites You Into The Life Of A "Hired Gun"

On August 1st, Vision Films, in association with Voltage Productions and Drama Kills Creative, will be releasing the award-winning documentary "Hired Gun" on DVD and VOD (video-on-demand). It features interviews with band leaders like Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, talking about hired musicians that have helped them re-create their music onstage. This documentary also showcases the other side of being a "hired gun" and the possibility of becoming a full member of the band. Interviews with Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Eric Singer (KISS) give insight into that side of the business, but most of the stories in this new video revolve around some popular "hired guns."

Director Fran Strine gives us both sides of the story of the success of many famous artists due to their backing band. The first story centers around Billy Joel drummer, Liberty DeVitto and how he became a member of Billy's live and studio backing band for over 30 years. One of the highlights of film is the story of how "hired gun" Ray Parker Jr. became a household name by writing, recording and singing the hit single "Ghostbusters."

The video also shows the "hired guns" get together in the studio to record a new version of Ted Nugent's "Just What The Doctor Ordered," which was originally written and sung by "hired gun" Derek St. Holmes. It displays how talented some of these unknown musicians are and how well they can make an artist sound with them behind them. The story of how guitarist/singer Richard Patrick worked as a "hired gun" for Nine Inch Nails on one of their first tours, before breaking through to the big leagues with his band Filter and their hit song "Hey Man Nice Shot." It is one of the most inspirational pieces of this documentary. Bassist Rudy Sarzo and guitarist Jason Hook tell personal stories that will have you thinking differently about many of these backing musicians. To find out more about "Hired Gun," this new amazing documentary about some of the greatest musicians in music today, please visit

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