Monday, August 21, 2017

CD Review: New Americana/Country Music From Herd Of Main Street & The Roseline

From Baltimore, MD comes the latest release titled "Heyday" from the Americana/country band Herd Of Main Street. Their new album features a dozen tracks, beginning with the upbeat country stomp of "Dream About Fire," which leads into the wonderfully penned story of "Meeting At The Creek," which carries a nostalgic, classic country sound. Herd Of Main Street captures the full essence of country music with "Feels Like Works," highlighted by some sweet slight guitar work. The boogie-woogie train arrives at the station with the up-tempo rhythm of "Train Station Blues," then Herd Of Main Street find their home with the country rock of "Never Look Back." The album wraps up with the mellow ballad "Redbird (for annE)" and the uplifting lyrics of "The One Who Cares." To find out more about Herd Of Main Street and their latest release "Heyday," please visit

From Kansas comes the mellow country tones of The Roseline with their brand new album titled "Blood." It will be released in October and features beautiful melodies and relaxing tones that will simply make you fall in love with this band. Their new 12-song release begins with the up-tempo, country swing of "Hurry Up And Wait," which easily draws similarities to Whiskeytown. They slow down for the gentle waltz of "Moving In A Dress" and mosey on with the classic country feel of "A Destination." The gentle acoustic touch of "Tennis Tan" and the quiet lullabye of "Nocturnal" will surely ease your worries as you find yourself in a more peaceful place than when you first started listening to this album. The alt-country vibe of "Maze Of Glass" and the Americana backdrop of "Distance" showcase the experience within the band as they deliver timeless quality on this new album. To find out more about The Roseline and their latest release "Blood," please visit

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