Wednesday, August 16, 2017

CD Review: New Experimental Music Arriving From Gary Wilson and From Blue Stahli

Avant Garde music artist Gary Wilson recently released his tenth studio album titled "Let's Go To Outer Space." It features 14-tracks that take you into the mind of this experimental musician as he sings about sci-fi themes and alien romances. The album begins with Wilson reciting his brand of poetry about meeting his outer space girlfriend in "Back To Where I Belong." He develops his new wave sound with the pop tones of "Gary Kissed A Mannequin" and "Gary Feels Cool." He showcases his more experimental side with the jazzy feel of "Weird World 1" and "Weird World 2," but in between those two songs, Gary continues his encounter with aliens with "Let's Go On A Walk Tonight" and "I Want To Cry." He finishes his new "sci-fi" album with the waltz of "My Beautiful Wife Walked Away" and the spacey groove of "My Pretty Little Space Girl." To find out more about Gary Wilson and his latest release "Let's Go To Outer Space," please visit his Facebook page at 

Arriving August 25th is volume four of Blue Stahli's "Antisleep" series for film, TV & Video Games. It features a dozen electronic, alternative, dance instrumentals for brands to use to promote their shows/products. The new release begins with the EDM beats of "Sunset Neon," which quickly changes gears for the intense, nu-metal blast of "Headshot." As you listen to each track, you can almost imagine what video game or film that these glimpses of music would be perfect for as most of the tracks average around 2 minutes. All of the music is very addictive, especially the dance rhythm of "Red Carpet Rush," the swinging beats of "Three Piece Suit" and the grinding alternative rock approach of "Rumbleshaker." To find out more about Blue Stahli and his latest release "Antisleep, Vol. 4," please visit

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