Thursday, August 10, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Award Winning Children's Artists Laurie Berkner, Randy Kaplan & Twinkle

Famous award-winning children's artist Laurie Berkner returns on September 22nd with a new album titled "The Dance Remixes." This album features 14 of Berkner's more well-known songs and were given an electronic dance makeover. This is the perfect soundtrack for a kid's dance club. Many of the songs sound totally different than their original form with only Berkner's voice the known factor in all these songs. This album will also expand beyond the borders of kids as fans of EDM music will also enjoy these new remixes of Berkner's classics like "We Are The Dinosaurs," "I'm Gonna Catch You" and "Victor Vito." To find out more about Laurie Berkner and The Laurie Berkner Band and her latest release "The Dance Remixes," please visit

Award-winning children's singer/songwriter Randy Kaplan will be releasing his sixth studio album titled "Trippin' Round The Mitten." His new 18-song release begins with the addictive beats of "Honk Honk" as he teaches about noses, while he spills out rhymes. Randy picks up the tempo with "Beach Song" as he tells us his least favorite things about the beach, then delivers a perfect rendition of Johnny Cymbal's "Mr Bassman." He sings about his broken refrigerator with the folk-like storytelling of "My Refrigerator Broke" and channels Adam Levine on his version of the Maroon 5 hit "Sugar." He continues with the stories of "Comb Your Ears" and "Cat & Mice," before arriving at the fun, bluegrass romp of "The Komorns." He closes his new album with the #1 children's single "Mr. Spaceman," which is similar to "Mr. Bassman" and the very cute "Mommy Love Song" as he captures the wonderful mind of children on this short finishing number. To find out more about Randy Kaplan and his latest release "Trippin' Round The Mitten," please visit

Finally we arrive at the children's answer to Lady Gaga, as Twinkle will release her new album "Just Dance" on September 15th. It features 9-tracks, beginning with the up-beat, dance floor energy of the title song as her music is very contagious. Twinkle slows the beats down for the swinging melody of "Better Than You Know," before returning to the dance floor with the electronics of "Music" and the punk-like energy of "We Got Good Manners Too." The album closes with two version of her song "Kidz Rock" featuring Mista Cookie Jar as she keeps the beats flowing right through to the last note. To find out more about Twinkle and her latest release "Just Dance," please visit

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