Thursday, August 24, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Iconic Indie-Artists Noah Gundersen & Jean Caffeine

American indie-folk singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen will be releasing his brand new album "White Noise" on September 22nd. His early EPs have been praised by fans as "masterpieces" and Gundersen is hoping this new full-length release strikes the same chords with fans. He begins his new 13-song release with the steady pace of "After All," which spikes up slightly during the chorus to make sure you are paying attention. Noah quickens the pace with the raw, alternative rock of "The Sound" and "Number One Hit Of The Summer," before displaying the sweet pop layers of "Heavy Metals" will have you loving his new release. He wraps up his new album with the beautiful acoustic folk delivery of "Feat & Loathing" and "Dry Year," then finishing with the quietness of "Send The Rain (To Everyone)." Noah Gundersen will be hitting the road in early September for a 2-month U.S. tour. For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about his new album "White Noise," please visit

Singer/songwriter/musician, Jean Caffeine has had a crazy musical career that has lasted for over three decades. She tells of her tales in her new upcoming memoir album titled "Sadie Saturday Nite." It features 14-tracks of songs and spoken word as Jean tells her tales of success and inspiration. The new release begins with the raw, grunge like sound of "Neon Adventures," before she tells tales of her time in high school and seeing The Who at "Winterland." Her music takes a different turn with the one-man-band sound "Sadie Saturday," which originally inspired the creation of this new album, her first in six years. Jean strums an acoustic guitar during her love of a "Blue Haired Boy," before the tempo picks back up for the garage rocker "Winter Of Hate." She sings about her "All Girl Band" and her summer romance with "It's Not Nice Without You," before finishing her new album with the up-tempo, aggressiveness rock of "(Mad As Hell In The) White Night" and the spoken word enlightenment of "Finnella Finish Baths." To find out more about Jean Caffeine and her latest release "Sadie Saturday Nite," please visit her Facebook page at

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