Monday, August 7, 2017

CD Review: Vixen's Janet Gardner Still Rocks On Her Debut Solo Album

Since the band Vixen blasted onto the hard rock music scene in 1988, this all-female rock band showcased a sound that could definitely hang with the boy bands. Led by the strong vocals of singer Janet Gardner, Vixen found success right away with their hits "Edge Of A Broken Heart" and Cryin'." The band still tours, but Gardner needed another output for her music and teamed up with musician/producer Justin James (Staind, Collective Soul) to release her self-titled debut solo album through Pavement Entertainment.
Her new 10-song release begins with the hard-edged attack of "Rat Hole" as her vocals sound as strong as ever. She continues with the even stronger rocker "Hippycrite," then showcases some of her early Vixen days with the high energy of "If You Want Me" and "Your Problem Now." Gardner experiments with her sound, adding a pop/rock tone to the build up of "Let It Be Over," before returning to the chugging hard rock of "The Grind." She closes out her new album with the emotional ballad "Best Friend" and the explosive "The Good Or The Bye." To find out more about Janet Gardner and her latest self-titled release, please visit her Facebook page at

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