Tuesday, September 5, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Releases From Mausoleum Gate, Midnite Hellion & Sinicle

New heavy metal music arriving in September from Mausoleum Gate, Midnite Hellion and Sinicle. First up we have the sophomore album from Mausoleum Gate titled "Into A Dark Divinity." It features only 6-songs, but this progressive metal band knows how to get the most out of their music. They begin with the opening 9-minute epic piece "Condemned To Darkness" as the band delivers a nostalgic, early metal vibe with their horror-story lyrics. They pick the energy up with the swift pace of "Burn The Witches At Dawn," before returning to the dark, atmospheric build-up of "Apophis." The album finishes with the classic heavy metal sound of "Horns" and the adventurous 10-plus minute finale piece "Into A Dark Divinity." To find out more about Mausoleum Gate and their latest release "Into A Dark Divinity," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/MausoleumGate.
Arriving September 15 is the latest release from Midnite Hellion titled "Condemned To Hell." It features 9-tracks of explosive power and speed, beginning with the head-banging metal appeal of "Black And White." This trio continue to amaze with the adrenaline-fueled "Death Dealer" and the intense, thunderous approach of "Cross The Line." The band flexes their musical muscle with "The Fever" and "Rip It Up," before finishing their new album with the hysterically fun lyrics of "Teenage Blooksuckin' Bimbos." To find out more about Midnite Hellion and their latest release "Condemned To Hell," please visit midnitehellion.com.
The following week, we get the latest album from power metal trio Sinicle titled "Angels & Demons." Last year they performed at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest and brought that energy into the studio to create this new 11-song release. After screeching your ears with the opening instrumental "DEER XING," they come blasting out of your speakers with the onslaught of "Damnation." They continue their attack with the hardcore metal of "Death Coast" and the more melodic "Rabbit Hole." Sinicle head toward the end of their new release with the quick-pace of "Baltimore" and the mainstream metal of "Broken Silence," before closing with the frenzy of "Operations Activate." To find out more about Sinicle and their latest release "Angels & Demons," please visit siniclemusic.com.

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