Wednesday, September 27, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Metal Artists Left Behind, Kublai Khan, Thousand Below And Stick To Your Guns

From West Virginia comes the latest release from hardcore metal band Left Behind. Their new album titled "Blessed By The Burn" will be released on October 27 on Unbeaten Records and features 10 hard-hitting metal anthems. Their new album begins with "West By God" that invites you into this presentation of burning hell. They continue with the doom metal appeal of "Sweetness Of Nothing," before lifting up the intensity by quickening the pace of "Focus On The Flesh." The screeching guitars of "Blessed By The Burn" and the thunderous rhythm of "Paranoid" will have you banging your head to this ever-rising metal band. To find out more about Left Behind and their latest release "Blessed By The Burn," please visit their Facebook page at

From Texas comes the latest release from hardcore metal band Kublai Khan. The new album titled "Nomad" is the band's debut release on Rise Records. Kublai Khan are also currently on the road in New England, including a show this evening at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT. Their new 10-song release begins with the thunderous 72-second instrumental opener "Antpile" as you begin to feel the force of Kublai Khan's music. They quickly speed things up with the destructive sounds of "True Fear" and dig in for the dark metalcore groove of "The Hammer." They continue their hard-hitting attack with the quick 2-minute "No Kin" and the aggressively fast "Salt Water." Kublai Khan wrap up their new album with "Split," as a huge wall of sound knocks you back into your seat and the dark, goth-like treading of "River Walker." To find out more about Kublai Khan and their latest release "Nomad," please visit

From Southern California comes the full-length debut album from the post-hardcore rock band Thousand Below. The new album titled "The Love You Let Too Close" will be released on October 6th through Rise Records. This new 5-piece band brings the energy right away, kicking off their new 11-song release with the screams of "Sinking Me." The album continues with sonic blast of "Tradition" and the fast pace of "Never Here," which should get your blood pumping full of adrenaline. They get even more aggressive on the hardcore heavy metal pounding of "The Love You Let Too Close," before slowing down for the intense build-up of "The Wolf And The Sea." Thousand Below finish up with the album's lead single "No Place Like You," which carries a modern hard rock sound, built for the radio and their atmospheric piece "Into The Grey." To find out more about Thousand Below and their latest release "The Love You Let Too Close," please visit their Facebook page at

Southern California hardcore punk band Stick To Your Guns is releasing their Pure Noise Records debut album titled "True View." It features 13-tracks of adrenaline-fueled guitar riffs, pounding rhythms and screaming vocals, beginning with "3 Feet From Peace." They continues with the thunderous beat of "The Sun, The Moon, The Truth" as they will overpower your ears. Stick To Your Guns quickens the pace for the reckless "Married To The Noise" and "Cave Canem," before slowing down for the mainstream alternative hard rock of "56." Their new album finishes with the final blast of energy from "Owned Nothing" and "Through The Chain Link," before hitting the mainstream again with "The Reach For Me." To find out more about Stick To Your Guns and their latest release "True View," please visit

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