Thursday, September 28, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Unknown Hero, Bleach Party USA And Cristina Vane

From San Francisco comes the debut album from music producer/graphic artist Unknown Hero. His new album titled "In My Head" combines elements pop and dance music along with a futuristic dystopian storyline that plays into his love of comics and video games. The new 15-song musical soundtrack begins with Kate Wild on vocals for the addictive pop of "Be Alright," before the modern R&B flavor of "Monsters In My Head" takes over. Unknown Hero displays his music skills on the classical/pop instrumental "A Minor 2125," then delivers a more EDM (electronic dance music) beat with "Hero Beware." He combines elements of R&B and electronic soundscapes in "Dance," while "Keep Moving Me" is pure pop power. Unknown Hero wraps up his new album with the big beats of "Hero's Groove" and the smooth vocals of "Close My Door." To find out more about Unknown Hero and his latest release "In My Head," please visit

Switching gears, we arrive at the debut release from punk band, Bleach Party USA titled "Get Stoked." The band is releasing their new 5-song EP through Mystic Records, which is the same label that first signed punk band, NOFX. They begin their new album with the hardcore energy of "Drink Bleach" as they scream out the chorus. They keep the energy high with the story of "Jeff's Weenie" and the reckless attack of "Turbulent Juice," before wrapping up their short new release with "Party Buster," which has the most potential of drawing in new fans of the band. To find out more about Bleach Party USA and their latest release "Get Stoked," please visit their Facebook page at

Based in Venice Beach, blues/rock singer Cristina Vane recently released her new album titled "Troubled Sleep." The new 6-song EP showcases Cristina's sound, which has a very mature, country/folk blues appeal. Her new album begins with the title song as the combination of Cristina's vocals and her slide guitar work will certainly draw you in to her brand of music. She swings with the slinky blues guitar shuffle of "Sending All My Love," before delivering the acoustic gem "Orange Grove Blues." She finishes her new release with the slow, strumming ballad of "Sunday Morning" and the swampy blues stomp of "Long Way Home." To find out more about Cristina Vane and her latest release "Troubled Sleep," please visit 

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