Friday, September 29, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Historian, Lunar Hand And The Begowatts

Los Angeles native Chris Karman, who fronts the band, Historian is preparing to release their new album titled "Expanse." It features 10-tracks of lush, laid back folk/rock that begins with a "Small Compromise." They easily draw you in with their sound on "My Last Call" and the more up-tempo rock approach of "Here And Then" as Karman's vocals just float across like a lullabye. The string section in "I Need A Future" carries a psychedelic vibe, while "The Truth" carries a more relaxed, atmospheric tone that allows you to fully examine all the instrumentation in the song. The new album finishes up with the pop oriented "Envelope" and the Americana/folk tale of "Thrown On The Road." To find out more about Historian and their latest release "Expanse," please visit their Facebook page at

Southern California indie-rock trio, Lunar Hand recently released their new album titled "Magic Hour." The new 5-song EP begins with the nostalgic sounding, doo-wop sway of "Smoke And Chandeliers" as their influences range from Arcade Fire to Roy Orbison. They pick the tempo up with the thunderous, garage rock appeal of "Won't You Come Along," before finishing up their short new release with the modern grunge rock flair of "Sand Song" and the addictive bass groove of "Desert Road," that finishes the album with a sonic clash of sound. To find out more about Lunar Hand and their latest release "Magic Hour," please visit their Facebook page at

From Madison, WI comes the latest release from the modern, post-punk rock band, The Begowatts. Having formed only five years ago, The Begowatts are ready to unload their third album titled "Grand Charade" on September 29th. This new 6-song EP kicks off with the new-wave feel of "Why Don't We Dance," before the delivery of the album's lead single, "Kids On Parole," which carries a cool, raw rock vibe. They continue with the modern pop/rock flair of "The Road," before finishing their latest album with alternative, R.E.M. sound of "Gaslight" and the power pop ballad of "You And I." To find out more about The Begowatts and their latest release "Grand Charade," please visit

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