Wednesday, September 6, 2017

CD Review: Two New Releases & Two New Re-Issues Arriving This September From Metal Blade Records

Arriving in the middle of September are two re-issues of albums by the heavy metal band Riot. Their 2002 album "Through The Storm" and their 2006 album "Army Of One" are getting new releases on Metal Blade Records. Each album gets bonus tracks added to their original track listing. Riot's "Through The Storm" is the only album to feature drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath, Rainbow) and contains two amazing cover songs by UFO and The Beatles. On top of the original 12-song album, this new release features 4 bonus songs, beginning with a demo of "Turn The Tables," which was originally named "Follow You." The new "Through The Storm" album also included instrumental versions of the songs "Army Of One," "Shine" and "Blinded," which will all appear on their follow-up album, "Army Of One."
The new re-issue of the "Army Of One" album features the original 12-tracks, plus an additional two bonus songs. This album was recorded immediately following the release of "Through The Storm" and is the last Riot album to feature vocalist Mike DiMeo. The bonus tracks consist of the Japanese-only live track "Road Racin'," which originally appeared on Riot's second album "Narita" and an instrumental version of the album song "Still Alive." To find out more about these two new re-issues from Riot, please visit 
Also arriving on September 15th are the latest from death metal band Ensiferum titled "Two Paths" and German thrash metal band "Cripper" with "Follow Me: Kill!" Ensiferum begin their new album with epic sounding opener "Ajattomasta Unesta," which leads the way into the electrifying speed of "For Those About To Fight For Metal." The band signals their arrival with the thunderous approach of "Way Of The Warrior" and the quick pace of "King Of Storms." Ensiferum deliver the heavy metal pub-like sing-along with "Don't You Say," before finishing up their new release with the thrash like speed of "God Is Dead" and the 2-minute instrumental "Unettomaan Aikaan." To find out more about Ensiferum and their latest release "Two Paths," please visit
Speaking of thrash metal, we also have the latest release from Cripper titled "Follow Me: Kill!" Their new 10-song album begins with the powerful quickness of "Pressure," which will certainly get your adrenaline pumping. They deliver a more epic, progressive metal sound with "World Coming Down" and the chugging rhythm of "Shoot Or Get Shot" makes Cripper a force to reckon with. They finish up their new album with the blazing guitar riffs of "Bleeding Red" and the growling vocals of "Menetekel" as Cripper deliver one of the most exciting heavy metal releases of 2017. To find out more about their new album "Follow Me: Kill!," please visit

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