Wednesday, October 4, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From I Klatus, Prostitution, The Kahless Clone & Rig Time!

Arriving in October are four new independent heavy metal releases from I Klatus, Prostitution, The Kahless Clone and Rig Time! Beginning with Friday the 13th, the Chicago doom metal band I Klatus return with their new digital/cassette only release "Nagual Sun." The new 8-song release begins with the slow-moving sludge metal appeal of the seven-plus minute "Beneath The Waves." While form and melody may not be their forte, I Klatus look to instill a dark emotion into their sound as in "Sorcerer's Gaze." They experiment with their sound, switching between the progressive rock and doom metal adventure of a "Moment Of Devastation," before wrapping up their new album with the moody, slow metal burn of the "Final Communion." To find out more about I Klatus and their latest release "Nagual Sun," please visit
Also being released on Friday the 13th is the new 3-song EP from Prostitution titled "Egyptian Blue." This hardcore metal trio are looking to blast away your problems on this new 20 minute release. The songs combine elements of progressive thrash metal with hardcore screams in order to demand dominance in the hardcore metal community. The band musicianship shines on the 8-minute album closer "Elevated Droves." To find out more about Prostitution and their latest release "Egyptian Blue," please visit their Facebook page at
The following week, we get the self-released, sophomore album from Chicago's premier instrumental dark metal band The Kahless Clone. Their new album, "Our Never-Ending Loneliness" begins with the atmospheric build-up of "I Would Leave All Of This Behind, And So Would You," as the band draws you in with their exceptional skills. Their sound carries a very strong progressive rock feel as in "If Only We Had More Time Together...," before wrapping up their new album with the melodic tones of "Is This What You Wanted?" To find out more about The Kahless Clone and their latest release "Our Never-Ending Loneliness," please visit their Facebook page at
Finally, we arrive at the sophomore release from Wisconsion hardcore metal band Rig Time! Their new 10-song album titled "War," is exactly what you get into when things kick off with the pounding rhythm of the title-song. They continue with the howling vocals of "Garbage" and will certainly get your adrenaline pumping with the intense delivery of "Three Fools." Rig Time! wreck havoc with powerful, grunge-like delivery of "Restricted," before finishing up their new album with the metal riffs of "Discomposure" and the screams of "Vengeance." To find out more about Rig Time! and their latest release "War," please visit

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