Tuesday, October 31, 2017

CD Review: New Music Arriving From Black Water Rising, The Bloody Beetroots, Voodoo Six & Wiccid

Heavy metal band Black Water Rising are preparing to release their third full-length album "Electrified" on November 3rd through Pavement Entertainment. The band has honed their skills performing along side such great artists as Hellyeah, Kill Devil Hill and Ace Frehley. Now that are ready to conquer the Hard Rock charts once again, beginning with the steady pounding rhythm of "Obey" and the high energy of "The Answer." Guitars buzz through the heavy grunge-like appeal of "Payback," and the head-banging groove of "Reality Check" will make you instant fans of the band. Black Water Rising wrap up their new album with the classic seventies hard rock approach of "Foolish Pride" and the acoustic ballad "World Of Frustration." To find out more about Black Water Rising and their latest release "Electrified," please visit blackwaterrising.com.

From Italy comes the latest release from the electronic dance/rock group, The Bloody Beetroots. Fronted by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, who handles guitar, keyboards, production and DJs, the new album features a load of special guests. Rifo was inspired to make this album out of his love for punk-rock music as the opening track features the band Jet on the energized rocker "My Name Is Thunder." Next The Bloody Beetbroots recruit Rival Sons' singer Jay Buchanan for the grand appeal of "Nothing But Love" as his iconic vocals grace the song's pounding dance beats. The beautiful vocals of Great Savbo Bech injects emotion into the songs "Invisible" and "The Great Run," while Gallows help combine the worlds of heavy metal and EDM on "All Black Everything." Foxy Shazam singer, Eric Nally's vocals seem tailor-made for this type of music as he brings life to "Enter The Void." The album wraps up with a few instrumental dance tracks, before the punk aspect comes roaring back with Deap Vally in "Drive" and the hardcore metal vocals of Jason Aolon Butler during "Crash." To find out more about The Bloody Beetroots new release "My Name Is Thunder," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/thebloodybeetroots.

From England comes the return of Voodoo Six with their latest release "Make Way For The King." This new album also features the studio debut of lead singer Nik Taylor-Stoakes as he kicks things off with the hard rock strut of "Electric." Voodoo Six turn the energy up a notch with the driving guitar riffs of the title song "Make Way For The King" and and the bluesy groove of "Riot." The intensity picks up with the hard hitting attack of "Amen" and the pounding rhythm of "Until The End," before the band wraps up their new release with the searing vocals of "The Choking" and darker tone of "Swept Aside." To find out more about Voodoo Six and their latest release "Make Way For The King," please visit voodoosix.com.

Industrial rockers Wiccid recently released their debut album last month titled "By Design" and they are currently on tour with Lords Of Acid and Combichrist. The band is spearheaded by Erie Loch whose worked with bands like Ministry, Prong and members of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. The new 11-song release begins with the steady pace, futurepop beats of "Ash" and the more synth-pop, dancefloor anthem "Torn." The music turns darker with the goth-like "Inhuman Nature" and "Break." The tempo of "Fire In Your Veins" excels the album's movement, while Loch takes a page out of Trent Reznor's songbook with the addictive industrial beats of "The Reconstructing Gods." Wiccid's new album closes with the slower pace of "Anxiety" and the deep, dancefloor rhythm of "The Grand Comedian." To find our more about Wiccid and the debut release ""By Design," please visit Loch's Facebook page at facebook.com/WiccidOfficial. 

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