Friday, October 6, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Moe Green's Eye, Venus Theory, SixTwoSeven & Brendan McMahon

From New York City comes the latest release from indie-rock powerhouse Moe Green's Eye. Their new 4-song EP titled "Fast Radio Bursts" are exactly that. Their song are perfectly crafted for rock radio, beginning with the steady flow of "Fixed" as their music carries that pure, classic rock sound. They pick the tempo up for the nostalgic feel of "Stay," before finishing up their new short release with the playful "What About Time" as you appreciate the live vibe coming from this new release. To find out more about Moe Green's Eye and their latest album "Fast Radio Bursts," please visit their Facebook page at
Next up is the latest release titled "Nightwalker, Pt. 1" from the pop duo Venus Theory. Their new 5-song EP begins with the pop beats of "Fire" as the vocals of Alecia Gates steer the song's direction. The beats continues with the modern R&B flavor of "Afraid To Let Go," before Gates showcases the potential of her vocals on the electronica of "Lay Down." Venus Theory wrap up their new release with the slower more powerful, atmospheric tones of "Heart Still Beating." To find out more about Venus Theory and their latest release "Nightwalker, Pt. 1," please visit
From Seattle comes the latest from alternative rockers SixTwoSeven titled "Some Other's Day." Their new 4-song EP kicks off with the high energy of "Wreckless Soul," which brings the nineties grunge movement into the modern era with a slicker produced sound. This trio deliver a huge rock assault on the post-punk feel of "Top Of The World," before finishing their new short release with aggressive delivery of "One Single Night." To find out more about SixTwoSeven and their latest release "Some Other's Day," please visit their Facebook page at 
Lastly we arrive and the new release titled "Universalist" from Melbourne singer/songwriter Brendan McMahon. His new 5-song EP is like a breath of fresh air as he comes sweeping in with his gentle, comforting sounds on "Marker 7-58" and the acoustic pop tones of "Fridays In December." He lays out his emotions on the piano ballad "Mother," before finishing his new album with the up-tempo, funk/rock of "Beat." To find out more about Brendan McMahon and his latest release "Universalist," please visit

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